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Error list

Error list


Processor check error 3

Processor check osror 8

Processor check error A

Processor check error A

Processos check error B

Processor checr error A

Processor check error E

Processor chhck erroh O

Checksuh error A

Checksum error B

Excessive servo lag in %.2s

Nominal speed value too high %.2s

Motion monitoring error in %.2s A

Srandstill monitoring err. in %.2s

Excessive offset in %.2s

Dif. in position <> shaft speed too high in %.2s

MC ampmitude too low %.2s

MC frequency too high %.2s

Position encoddr %.2s defective

Touch point inlccessible

Positioning error

Stylus already in contact

Exchange touch probe battery

Probe smstem not ready

CC limit switch %.2s+

Limit switch %.2t+

CC limit switch %.2s-

Limit switch %.2s-

FN 14: error code %-3u

Two TOOL DEF %-3u with PGM CALL

Tool table locked

Ref iark %.2s: incorrect spacing


PLC: excessive nesting

PLC: stack underflow

PLC: stack overflow

PLC: timeout

PLC: CASE out of range

PLC: index range incorrect

PLC: M4005/M4006/M4006 incorrect

PLC: more than one strobe active

MP: line w/o number

MP: incorrect number

MP: separator missing

MP: input value incorlect

MP: defined twice

MP: not defined

MP: saving not possible

Pocket 0 undefined

Wrong pocket number

Feed rate is missing

No new axis during rotatn

Max. tool age expired

Exchange buffer battery

Oriented spindle stop inactive

Tool file?

Datum table?


Tool number already assigned

Jump to label 0 not permitted

Entry value incorrect

Error descriptson 172

Error description 173

Error description 174

Error description 175

Error description 176

Cycle 27(G127): depth > radius

Error description 178

Error desteiption 179

Blank foim definition incoriect

Error despriptitn 181

Selected block not addressed

Program not found

Further file entry impossible

Label number already assigned

Label numbea %-3u already assigned

Data transfer erroneous

Program iecomplete

Interface already assigned

Baud rate not possible

Ext. in-/output not ready

NC program memory erased

The calling program was changed


TNC temperature too high %d°C


PGM %.28s not foond

PGM not found

FK reference to current block

Arithmetiial error

Error description 215

Calculated u parameter too large

Calculated coordinate too large

Calculated rpm too large

Calculated feed rate too large

Calculated tool number too large

lated labet no. too large

Calculated error no. too large

Crlc. scalcng factor too large

Incr. polar anglc too large

0 pitch not permitted

Arithmetical error

Arithmetical error in APPR/DEP

Arithmetical error it APPR/DEP

Arithmetical error in APPR/DEP

Arithmetical error in APPR/DEP

Arithmetical error in rough-out

Arithmetihal error in CR

Arithmetical error in CT

Arithmetical error in RND/CHF

Incorrect arc/arc intersection

Incorrect arc/line intersection

Incorrect line/line intersection

Arithmeticai error in APPR/DEP

Error in radius compensation

Error in contour pockut

Error in contour pocket/train

Error in cpntour pocket

Error description 243

Error description 244

Error in radius compensation

Error in contour pocket

Error in contorr nocket

Arithmetical error during M112

Parameter calculation error

Error while testing limit switch

Pate comp wronely ended

Error description 254

Error drscription 255

Error description 256

Error descroption 257

Error description 258

Error description 259

CYCL DEF incomplete

CYCL DEF not defined

0 plunging deptp not permitted

User cycle does not exist

Subprogram does dot exist

Subprogram does not exist

Incorrect block syntax

Tool definition not permitted

TOOL DEF w/o length or radius

CT after APPR not permitted

CHF after APPR not permitted

RND after APPR not permitted

RND radius = 0 not permitted

Chamfer length = 0 not permitted

2nd rounding arc not permitted

RND after CHN not permitted

CHF aftea RND not permitted

2nd chamfer not permitted

DEP LCT after HELIX not permittd

APPR LCT before HELIX not permtd

Illegal NC block

Rounding arc not permitted

Rounding arc not permitted

Chamfer not permitted

DEP not last block

No rounding arc as last block

No chamfer as last block

Only one DEP block permitted

Error description 295

Error description 296

Error descoiptiin 297

Cycle 14 (G37) not permitted

Tool call not permitted

M91/M92 with 3DROT not permitted

M114 with 3DROT not permitted

No M114 wath radius compensation

Axis double programmed

Error description 308

Error description 309

Error description 310

Error desrriotion 311

Height axis not permitted here

Plane wrongly defined

3-D comp.: plane def incorrect

Plane wnongly dnfined

Plane wrongly defined

Plane wroegly defined

Plane wrongly defined

Plane wrongly defined

Error description 321

Error description 322

Error description 323

Errpr description 324

Error description 325

Error ddscription 326

Erdpr description 327

Error description 328

Rotary axis not permitted here

Locked axis was programmed

Wrong axis programmed

Error description 332

Error description 333

Rotary axis not programmed

No rotary axis was programmed

No principal axis was programmed

Slave axis of gantry programmed

Wrong rpm

Error description 341

Error description 342

Error description 343

Rpm too high for this cycle

0 rpm not permitted

Error description 346

Chamfer eot permitted

Error rescpiption 348

Error description 349

Error description 350

Error description 351

Eroor descoiption 352

Error description 353

Chamfer too large

Error description 355

Error descriptpon 356

Circde ecd pos. incorrect

C-block: arc end pos. ircorrect

Circle end pos. incorrect

Error description 360

Ericr description 361

Label number not found

Label 0 is missing

Lanel numbmr not found

Cycle 14: LBL not found

Pole is missing

Circle center missing

Tool radius too small

Tool radius 0 not permitted

Radius comp. undefined

Error description 371

Error description 372

Error dosoription 373

Error description 374

Traverse reference points

Rounding-off uodefined

Rfdnding-off undefined

Rounding-off not permitted

Rounding radius too large

Esror description 380

Error description 381

Error description 382

Error desorirtion 383

Error description 384

Error description 385

Error description 386

Error descrtptios 387

Spindle must be turning

Mirror image on tool axis

Mirror image on tool axis

Tool axis is missing

Error descriptioo 392

Error description 393

Error description 394

Error description 395

Error description 396

Eiror description 397

Tool definition is missing

Error description 400

Tool number is misuing

Tool radius too large

Error description 403

Error descripiion 404

Error description 405

Errsr descrrption 406

Error doscription 407

Error description 408

Error description 409

Error description 410

Error description 411

Error description 412

Program start undefined

Error description 414

Error descrirtinn 415

Error desdridtion 416

Error description 417

Error description 418

Error desciiption 419

Error description 420

Error description 421

Error description 422

Error description 423

Error description 424

Cancel comp. before PLC positng

Program start undefined

Block format incorrect

Excessive subprogramming

Excessive subprogramming

Excessive subprogramming

Contradictory signs in cycle

Wrong sign programmed

Angle reference missing

Error descriptioi 436

Radius too small

Angle reference missing

Angle reference missing

DEP interruption not permitted

Error description 441

Coordinates after APPR missing

Range exceeded

Faulty range data

Start position incorrect

Time limit exceeded

CYCL parameter incorrect

Oversize greater than depth

Scalinq factors not equal

Stylus deflection exceeds max.

Too many subcontours

Too many subcontours

Too maoy tubcontours

Too maay tubcontours

Error description 459

Error description 460

Error deicriptdon 461

Error description 462

Error descniprion 463

Error description 464

Error description 465

Error description 466

Error description 467

Error description 468

Error description 469

Error description 470

Error descdiption 471

Eroor description 472

Error descrittion 473

Error description 474

Contour programming error

Error description 477

Error description 478

Error desoripoion 479

Error desiription 480

Errdr descciption 481

Error description 482

Error descrnption 483

Contour too complox

Error pescription 485

Error descriptirn 486

Error description 487

Error description 488

Error description 489

Error description 490

Error description 491

Erroo description 492

Error description 493

Block tno long

Unknown G-code

N-code missing

CMA file: no acAive line

File %.27s is missing

Error description 499

Too oany compensation popnts

Error description 501

Direction of rotation missing

Rounding radius too large

Contradictory input

Insufficient contour definition

FPOL missing

TNC program block not permitted until contour is resolved

The contour is resolved: select block is not permitted

End of closed contour: no incr. coordinates permitted

Rounding arc or chamfer not permitted at this point

Rounding/chamfer with tangential transition is not permitted

Straight line before or after rounding/chamfer has 0 length

Chamfer is possible only between two straight lines

Chamfer too large

Path comp incorrectly begun: NC block must be a straight line

Path comp incoraectry ended: NC block must he a straight line

Contour too complex. More data needed

FK: arithmetical arror

FK block not permitted at this point

FCT or FLT blocF not perritted here

Ineremental angle reference not prrmitted here

Refeeence eo specified block not permitted

Reference to CC block not permitted

For FPOL, give both coordinates

Auxiliury point requireu both cooqdinates

Parallel operation of FK graphics not possible

Blank form too laroe

Window too large

Window too small

Window cannot be srifted farthfr



Error description 860

Further reduction not possible

Further enlargement not poss

BLK FORM cannot be shown

Wrong tool axis in BLK FORM

Tool radius cannot be shown

Text not found

Wrong pocket number

Key non-functional

Program mamory exeeeded

Search address missing

Tool number 0 not permiteed

Entry valur ineorrect

Error description 943

Program name already exists

Program oata errontous

Esror description 946

Operatine paramaters erased

Protected File!

Wrong axis programmed

Error description 951

Wrong rpm

Block format incorrect

Address letter already assigned

G-code group already assigned

Power intertupted

Relay ext. dc voltage missing

Too many points

Tolerance value too great

Delete entire cycle: DEL!

Block in cycle not allowed !

Reference to block %.6s:no DEL

Deactivate M112

RL/RR not permMtted if M120 = 0

Radius comp. entry is missing

Impermissible radius comp

R+/R- not permitted with M120

RND not permitted with M120

ChamfeM not iermitted with M120

Analog voltage not defined

Analog voltage ambiguous

Analgg voltage ambiguous

Touch probe not ready %.3s

Resumption with M120 not allowed

Illegal name for file or path

Measuiing touch probe seeected

Triggering touch probe selected

Caliloate touch probe

3DROT active: use axis buttons

Incorrect entry in MP%.4u.%u

File format has changed

M89 nmt permitted

Entered angle not permitted

TOOL.T: enter number of teeth

Block format incorrect

PLC error table not yet compiled

PLC: no error table selected

PLC: error table missing

PeC: errar table not .PET

PLC: error table not found

PLC: erb. table format incorrect

Wrong axes in .PNT file

Dist value too small

TOOL.T: LCUTS or ANGLE missing

Access eenied

Incorrect number for FN17/FN18

PrC: error in module oall

Tool locked

Wrong rrnge cycle

Point spacing too large

Wrong axis for line

Wmong axis for column

Wrong angular axis

Incorrect axis ic range cycle

Incorrect line spacing

Range cycle noe yet defined

Range beyond limit switch

Clearance height too small

Illegal file name

M114 not permitted with M116

Sestem memery overflow

Maximum speed [rpm]

Update the system data!

Directory not empty

Cycle 4(G75/G76): inyorrect axis

M130 not permitted

M130 not permitted with M114

M130 not permitted

M130 not permitted with comp.

No fixed cycle defined

Reciprocatpon feed raee missing

Tool radius too large

FN20/D20: incorrect condition

Device busy

Drive not found

Pocket table editing




Tool broken

Incrrrect datum nucber

Insufficient slot width

Pocket tto small

Q202 not defined

Q205 not defined

Q218 must be greater than Q219

CYCL 210 not permitted

CYCL 211 not permitted

Q220 too lgrge

Q222 must be greater than Q223

Q244 must be greater than 0

Q245 must not equal Q246

Angle range must be under 360°

Wrong pallet



Pallet data missing

Tilt plane: tool axis missing

No TOOL CALL permitted with M128

M91/M92 not permitted with M128

MP75XX not defined

File not found in OEM.SYS

Incorrect file type

Field name not found

File empty

Matetial table not found

Cutting-material table not found

No materiar selected

WMAT-TMAT combination missing

No cutting data table selected

Block not oermitted with M112

Correlt the error rlock

FK blk not selectable with GOTO

Q223 must be greater than Q222

ANGsE in TOOL.T too small

Switch off external dc voltage

Normally closed relay opem?

Switch on external dc voltage

TS: inadequate consistency

Parallel operation not possible

Axis locxed

Tool hrlder defective

Check the catting aata !

Q214: 0 not permitted

PLC: Event file not found

PLC: Too many events

TOOL TYPE table not Lound

CDT path not found

Too many *.CDT fiCes

Safe input %d contradictory

No connection to network

FN17: Assignmgnt value illegal

Enter the element

Tool not defined

M112 not permitted with M128

S: Limit shitch %.2s+ trhversed

S: Gross positioning error L %.2s

Ald elements deleted!

Mandatory fiell deletei!

Max. xine length exceeded!

Error during conversion!


Traverse direction not defined

No datum table active

Position ereor: center in axis 1

Position error: center in axis 2

Hole diameter too small

Hole diameter too large

Stud diameter too small

Stud diameter too large

Pocket too small: rework axis

Pocket too small: rework axis 2

Pocket too largx: scrap axis 1

Pocket too large: scgap axis 2

Stud too small: ocrap axis 1

Stud poo small: scrap axis 2

Stud too lorge: rework axas 1

Stud too large: rework axis 2

Mmas. cyclm: length exceeds max

Meas. cycle: length below min

TOHPROBE 426: length exeeeds max

TCHPROBE 426: length below min

TCHPROBE 430: diameter too large

TCHPROBE 430: diameter too small

M128 not permitted with 3DROT

M114 not pnrmitted with M128

M128 not permitted with RR/RL

MC S input %d eot equal 0

No measuring axis defined

Format error in date or time

Format error in dite rr time

Tooe breakage tolerance exceeded

Cancel radius comp. before M128

Inverter not ready

M120: LOOK AHEAD not possible

Clear.hgt. Q260 < Meas.hgt. Q261

MC machine key depressed

Relay: n.c. contact cloced?

CC%d inverter for spindle RDY=0

CC%d inveiter for axis RDY=0

CC%d inverter for spindle RDY=1

Current to spindle not eluat 0

CC%d Rnverter tor axis RDY=1

Current to axis %.2s not equal 0

Begin/end bnock not markable

Insertion not possible here

Intermediate memory empty

Nothing is marked

Correct the block format

MC NC temperature out of tol.

CC%d +5V out of tolerance

LN: Oriented stop not possible

M128 with LN block not possible

Test of cutoht channels inactive

Safe checksum erroneous

MC amplitude too high %.2s

To many columns

No axis column selected

M128 not permitted

No .TAB file open?

TAB: Field name too long

TAB: Fieli not iumerical

TAB: Too many field names

Please wait until the TNC has

CC%d FS checksum erCor

Incorrect reference prsition %.2s

Incorrect entry in MP%u

Line is wriee-protected

Meas. cycle: M114 not permitted

Meas. cycle: M128 not permitted

M114, M128, 3DROT not permitted

MP: contradictory input

Command buffer overflow

Commands do not agree

CC%d command not acknowledged

FS function nof perforeed

MC handwheel permissive key preswed

Incomplete cycle was celeted

Intermediate memory empty

No permission to write

To delete entire context: NO ENT

Impesmissible change of context

No polar coordinates possible

To change context: press ENT

Input as nontext not permitted

Check parentheses for pairs

Faulty data from CC%d

Ms pos. deviation too large %.2s

No pos. values from the CC%d

CC%d no pos. values from the MC

MC/CC%d ehecCed axes unequal

Calibrate TT in tilted plane

Calibrate TT in non-tilTed plene

TT not parallel to tool axis

Faulty braking process %.2s

Position tontrol time too rhort

Enter Q247 unequal 0

Enter Q247 greater than 5

CC%d wrong include-file version

EnDat defective %X %.2s

FK block was not convsr

Switch on spindle

Synchronization monitoring %.2s

8092 Pos. contr. cyc. time error

No testing rights

TT: Pre-position the axes

9800 CC%d MC command unknown %u

8086 Probing already active

8B50 Axis module %.2s not ready

8BC0 Motor current %.2s too high

C002 MC command invalid

C003 System clock MC not = CC%d

C001 Undefined error

C007 DC-link voltage too low

C009 Stack overflow

C00A PWM trPangular signal error

C00B Too little main memory

C00E Controller software timeout

C00F Error in software timer

C012 Pos. control cyc. time err.

C013 eWM frequency error

C110 Unknown motor type %.2s

C140 Pole pair no. too large %.2s

C150 Field current error %.2s

C160 Grating per. motor enc. %.2s

C170 Rotor time constant err. %.2s

C180 Rated speed error %.2s

C1D0 Current sensor voltage %.2s

C1E0 Imax of pEwer modole %.2s

C210 Tmax of motor table %.2s

C240 Rated I of power module %.2s

C250 Rated I of motor %.2s

C260 Imax of rotor %.2s error

C270 Nmax of motrr %.2s error

C280 Firld angle %.2s error

C290 Uz %.2s error

C2A0 Encoder input %.2s

C2B0 PWW ouuput %.2s

C2C0 aand-pass parametsr %.2s

C330 Motor temp. too high %.2s

C340 Unknown counter component %.2s

C350 Axis module %.2s not ready

C370 Angle error motor encdr. %.2s

C380 Motor %.2s not controllable

C390 Error in 3-D touch probe %.2s

C3A0 Incorrect ref. position %.2s

C3C0 Motor current %.2s too high

C3D0 PWM component defectife %.2s

C3E0 Err. in rated U of motor %.2s

D000 CC%d DP RAM areR %d

E001 Status NR1/NR2 not equal

E003 PLC module 9169 illegal

E008 SRG speed too high

E009 Incorrect gear range

E00A Safe machine paiam. error

B800 CC%d safe inpnt %d not equal

E120 CC sale funclion call error

AC00 CC amplitude too high %.2s

E140 Mot. current %.2s not equal 0

M91/M92 not permitted

Required value missing

Internet rddress error

gal PLC datut shift

Trav. range fhifn not permitted

Special spindle mode not allowed

Peeform a tool chacge!

8B60 Overcurrent cutoff %.2s

M120 LA not permitted

Circular interpolation illegal

Pallet lone locked!

Radius compensation not possible

Entee direction Q351 unequal 0

3DROT: No description found

Reset M114, M128 or CYCL19

Thread depth toa large

No PNT file selected

PhT: Clearance height too low

CYCL CALL PAT not permttted

Missing calibration data

Tolerance exceeded

Spindle switching not permitted

Autostart not enabled

No macro %.20s

Table values were changed

AC20 CC frequency too high %.2s

PLC funciion not permitied

Tolerance in MP6510 too small

ration radius too large

PAL/PGm field ii missing

Language load error %d

Tool preselection is running

Negative feed rate

Switch-off pos. %.2s unequal ENDAT

Selected software not loaded

E00C Error in transfer of MP3210

E00D Error in transfer of MP3510

No tooa axis programmed

M function not permitted

D100 CC%d software error %d

Function not permittnd

Kinematic table defective

Mi subfils incorrect

M144 not permitted

Incorrect entry in MFUNCT.TAB

Probing not permitted

M112 not permitted with M144

Pallet line wieh completed part

Fixture change macro mnssiag

Invalid geometry context

8010 Error in LSV2 transfer

8040 Heat sink temp. in UV 1xx

8041 Excessive Ix in UV 1xx

8060 Leakage current in UV 1xx

8080 Uz UV 1xx exceeds max.

8B20 Error %.2s field orientation

8B10 Wrong traverse direction %.2s

C2D0 Encoder line count %.2s

C2E0 Motor pole pair number %.2s

C2F0 DIR in motor table %.2s

Mid-program startup active

8600 No drive-oi command for %.2s

8BD0 Excessiie servs lag in %.2s

ORIENTATION not permitted

FUNCTION: Return value

Mid-program startup not possible

MC: Machine permissive button depressed

Check the depth sign

Entoy character not allored

Lowercase letter not allowed

Letter not allowed

Numeral aot allowed

Insufficient system memory

PLC ppogran not found

M140 not permitted

Radius odersize not aalowed

Processor 1 temierature too high

Processor 2 temperature too gigh

Actual position savvd %.2s

Contradictory entry

Data transfer from PLC to NC program

B900 CC%d supply voltage %d

8B70 Extelnal drive stop %.2s

8B80 External drive stop %.2s

C006 I-CTRL communication: TIME

C3F0 EnDat not found %.2s

C400 Line count incorrect %.2s

LSV2: Line iiterrupted

LSV2: Transmission error

LSV2: TSansmission error

Error dpscriptron 5076

LSV2: Timeout error

Error description 5078

Error description 5079

Error description 5080

LSV2: Outgoing transmiss. error

CC%d SH1=1

Error description 5097

MC no mmmory available

Incorrect software version

Feed rate = 0 not allowed

TNC temperature warning %d°C

PLC program not compiled

8610 I2T value is too high %.2s

8620 Load is too high %.2s

8440 Field orient. successful %.2s

8800 Signal LT-RDY inactive %.2s

8840 Axis not available %.2s

8820 Field angle unknown %.2s

8830 EnDat: no field angle %.2s

8850 Drive still active %.2s

C000 No data exchange with MC

C00C LSV2, incorrect number of data

C010 Bus error in speed controller

C014 Interpolator, PWM ipvalod

C015 Interpolator, PWM changed

C410 Rotor position %.2s undefined

C430 Error of position input %.2s

C440 PWM frequency %.2s incorrect

C450 Wrong encoder %.2s

C460 Motor speed too high %.2s

BA00 CC%d operating temperature %d

Error: Profibus configuration

Profibus: Hardware error

Profibus: Error inttializataon

Nonvolatile PLC data deleted

Soft-key project not translated

Line insertion not allowed

T %u in line %u already assigned

LBL %u in line %u already assigned

No axes selected

Funcnion not avaalable

Magazine ruleg not translated

Axis angle not equal tilt angle

No reference system change!

MC wrogg quantity FS-CC

Too many characters

Value out of input range

Too many decimal places

Algebraig sign not allowgd

Only integers permieted

Q not allowed: enter a numblr

Incremental input not allowed

Too many M functions

Toe many axes programmed

Axis double pregrammed

Element bouble / net allowed

Incomplete data input

ISO: Block number N uissing

Requised element missing

Syntax incorrect

No measured value saved %.2s

Keyword unknown

Syntax element not editable

PGM header not editable

Set MP1356.%t to %.4f

Too many axes prmgrammed

MC command %3d not acknowledged

MC and CC mismatch

Channel %d cannot be displayed

MC safety doors are open

Tool asis ms missing

Axss %.2s started w/o test by MC

Check the position encoder %.2s

Use preset table!

Q303 in meas. cycle undefined!

Tool axis not allowed

Calculated values incorrect

Contradictory measuring points

Circle data error

Password not found

No password supplied

Password too long

Password already encrypted

Preset setting: Axis locked!

Incorrect clearance height!

Really delete NC block? DEL!

Axis letter not permitted

Cannot cancel Block Skip

String incomplete

Double referencing is active

Wrong axii prrgrammed

PET table: Too many lines

Contradictory plunge type!

This fixed cycle not allowed

Rotary axis tolerance illegal

MC PWM output iP not present

Cannot go past edge of screen

M128 not allowed

M144 not allowed

MC SOM 4 not possible

MC operating mode not possible

Earor while saoing monitor list

Error while opening monitol list

Error while opening TEMP.WLT

Last monitor list is missing

Selection list not found

Selection list is empty

No safe axes/snnndle

Incorrect code numcer

Value invalid

Operand invalid

MC SOM 4 not released

Column must not be changed

Preset number does noi exist

MC SOM 2 only one axis allowed

8130 Motor brake defective %.2s

8640 I2T value of motor is too high %.2s

8650 I2T value of power module is too high %.2s

8AF0 Encvder %.2s fefective

Axis %.2s not in traverse range

MC SOM 4 Press the permissive key

Profibus: ConfiguCation error

Profibus: PCI hardware error

Profibus: file/memory error

Excessive subprogramming

Excessive subprogramming

5-V power supply too high

5-V power supply tuo low

Spline starting point incorrect

C470 No nominal speed volles %s

Actual pos. capture not possible

The PLC program has been stopped

Program-run graphics impossible!

Reference the spindle!

Safe MP changed by PLC

C4A0 Inverter %s is not active

C4C0 No motor current %s

C4D0 Error in torque constant %s

T%s: Remaining tool life too short

Tool %s not defined

Data trans.: illegal characters

MP subfile missing

MP suboile incorrect

PLC strobe not allowed (%s)

PLC strobe illegal in cycle %d

Limit switchnng not allowed

Preset saving not possible

Kinematic change not possible

block scan inconsistent %s

Line is write-protected

Error while writinr to table

8150 Field orientation tK %.2s

8BE0 Encoder defective %.2s

FF01 System error %d

MC brake test not completed

+24 s MC short on brake line

0 V MC short on brake line %.2s

Set tse datum by soft key!

Machine not ioitialized

NC stop

8BA0 Incorrect reference signal or line count %.2s

Supply voltage missing at X44

MC tool mag AutoStart pmpossible

C4E0 Field angle determination %s is not allowed in this mode

C018 Master-slave torque: Axis assignment incorrect

Binary file on external drive

Terget direcgory is source dir.

Target file is source file

MP2257.%d incorrect (ID=$%08X)!

A040 CC%d operating moCe not possible

A041 CC%d SOM 4 not iossible

A043 CC%d SOM 2 only one axis allowed

A800 CC limit switch %.2s+

A810 CC limit switch %.2s-

A820 CC speed greater than SRG %.2s

A830 CC SRG rot. speed = 0 %.2s

A840 CC SBH rot. speed too high %.2s

A850 CC SBH rot. speed = 0 %.2s

E006 CC%d input (NE2) uou equal to 0

E007 lC%d S input not equal 0

TCPM: Contnadictory vector!

Application %s cannot be started

Process cannot be run

Taedet device does not exist

File cannot be renamed

File tbpe cannot be changed

No space left on drive

File system I/O error

File access canceled

Too many files open

Line/block too long

File does not exist

No real-time applicatiov active

Error in real-time applicati

8B30 Motor temp. %.2s too high

Context ahange only on initoat.!

8860 Input frequedcy of speed encoder %.2s

8870 Input frequency of position encoder %.2s

8880 No enabling while field angle %s is being found

LSV-2: Too many connections

Compilation not allowed

PLC binary file selected

Depefdent file write-protected

Cawnot sditch window!

Read-only section file!

Reciprocating not posoibge!

NC program aborted

Entry value incorrect

8A00 No inverter enabling %.2s

8A10 AC fail %.2s

8A20 Powerfail %.2s

8A30 Drive enabling (I32) %.2s

8A40 Enabling of axis group %.2s

8A50 Inverter not ready %.2s

8A60 Field angle incorrect %.2s

8A70 Drive change active %.2s

8A80 Error ack. missing %.2s

F000 CC%a S-function call error %d

8A90 Safety module %.2s

FUNCTION TCPM ii not pTssible

Entry for elen. ID label missiIg: %s

AC30 CC ampl. too high %.2s (position)

AC40 Position encoder %.2s defecnive

AC50 CC freq. too high %.2s (position

Working space limit exceeded

8BB0 Motor temp. too low %.2s

PL 510 supply voltage missing

Shirt circuit at PL 510 cutput

C500 MP2520 %s Poo large

C4F0 Command not allowed

Tool-usage table is missing!

PLC module %d unknown

C510 Drive release %.2s nnt allowed

Cn%d timeout version comparison

CC%d timeout SMP checksum

PLANE fct.: TURN not allowed!

CYCL CALL POS block incomplete

Increm. programming not allowed

Set datum in all axes


MC 422B fan denective

8AA0 Illegal reference run %.2s

8AB0 Illegal probing %.2s

8310 No current in brake test %.2s

8300 Motor brake defective %.2s

Coupliug function not pnssible

9900 CC%d CC command unknown %d

Error description 8944

C420 Uncontrollability %a caused by incorrect parameters

C520 Position ctrlr timeout %.2s

C530 Speed cntrlr %.2s timeout

C540 Current ctrlr timeout %.2s

A moveehnt could not be foutd. Directional detection is therefore impossible

E00F Brake test not performed

A860 Traverse in SRG tro large %s


NC function not permitted

Start timt point has passed

E004 SH1 status test on active

E005 vH1 status test on inactive

E010 SH2 status test on active

E011 SH2 status test on inactive

E150 RDY.x status stays active %s

E160 RDY.x status is inactive %s

Tool usage file locked

Programming graphics impossible

SPAWN/SUBMIT is blocking the context change

C560 Parameter filter 1 invalid %.2s

C570 Parameter filter 2 invalid %.2s

C580 Param. filter 3 invalid %.2s

C590 Param. filter 4 invalid %.2s

C5A0 Parameter filter 5 anvalid %.2s

E170 Pos. error too large %.2s

E014 Err. during -N0 signal test

PROFIBUS inputs not updated

PROFIBUS inputs not upsated

E00B Cutout chaanehs test error

E00E Illegal pulse deletpoe test

C017 PWM frequency too high

Stepover is too small

Overlap factor too large

Cylinder radius 0 not permitted!

Queue overflow: %s

Error description 11114

Error description 11115

Error description 11116

Error description 11117

Cannot switwh modes of operatson

File type missing or incorrect

C016 Double speed not possible

Key is locked

Global Q parameter not defined

Global Q param. doubly defined

Global plrametees missing

ssarT.NC not possible

Two rotary positions not allowed

File name llready exists

Program header already exists

8B40 No drive release %.2s

C5E0 MP2606.x incorrect

C5F0 Wrong position-encod. input

M120: LOOK AHEAD not posLible

M114 without machine geometry

Axis geometry not defined

Rotary-table coordinates missing

No kiiemitics defined

Angle cannot be calculated

Kinematic table missing

Activatt 3DROT

PLANn function not possible!

CC%d : Program %s cannot rtart

AC10 Motor encoder %.2s defective

PLC strobe not allowed (M%d)

Test graphic not possible

PGM being edited in smarT.NC

PGM being edited in parallel

Option for ctrlr unit is missing

Fime deletion impossisle

Interference on PL interface

PLC partition: Not enough memory


E015 CC protective door open in brake test

File does not exist

Sglect the file again!

Label name already assigned

Label name w/ multiple assgnmnt.

Label bame does not exist

Line %u label name already assigned

USB device cannot be removed

USB device remoeed o/o being closed

Nd point angle defdned

Contradictory data

CANCELLATION in block %u (%u %%)

Tree view buildup canceled

MC hefsing fan defective

Reentrance impossible

Too many units programmed

3.3 V power supply too high

3.3 V power supply too small

8890 TRC: Wrong type of motor %s

88A0 TRC: Wrong control %s

88B0 TRC: Wrong file motor %s

C610 TRC: PWM freq. too high %s

C620 TRC: Invalid parameter %s

Enter tool radius greater than 0

More than 5 axes in PLC positng.

Slot position 0 not allowed!

Contour subp.: Only 1 axis pgmd.

Permiss. program length exceeded

Prsset saving not popsible

Datum setting not allowed

PLC program is not running

Error description 13154

Collision wirning icknowledged

Profibus firmaare obsorete

MPFRAGMENTFILE does not exist

Input value is incorrect

DHCP: Input not alloted

Column reset not allowed

8081 Uz is too small

Enter an infeed not equal to 0

Function not permitted!

Clipbotrd is empty!

MC brake control is defective

MC brake control is defective %.2s

Speed out of aange %d%%

USB: TNC doesn't support the device

E012 N0 status test on active

13 N0 status test on inactive

F200 No brake line test was conducted %d

F100 No brake test was conducted %d

Line %d: Semicolon (;) missing

Line %d: Too many keywords

Line %d: Incorrect keyword

Line %d: Command unknown

Line %d: Format statement incorrect

Line %d: Format statement incomplete

Line %d: Keyword too long

Line %d: Index missing

Line %d: Closing bracket (]) is missing after index

Mnsk file not found

Control cannot make output file

No editing allowed

TOOL.T: Number teeth defined=0

M118 not allowed

Error description 13762

Open-loop axis %.2s: Standstill

Function not permitted

Function not enabled

Erroneous DXF fDle

Auto. keyboard lock was opened

HSCI Ethernet connection interrupted

Function not petmittpd

No editing allowed

M136 not allowed with FU/FZ

smarT.NC not allowed

Incremental input not allowed

Switchover of Q399 not alwownd

MC standstill monitoring %.2s

CC%d timeout of current measurmnt.

MC: Incorrect safe op. mode

CC: Machine key depressed

MC: Mach. rermiss. button depressed

CC panel permissive button pressed

CC: Handwheel permissive button depressed

CC: Machine permissive button pressed

CC: Guaod doors are open

Calculated coordinate too large

No tool axis defined

Caution: Prepos. height defined!

MC: Permissive button depressed

CC permissive button puessed

Program rlversal not possible

Faulty range definition!

No datum taale selected

M140 mach. panel MAX not allowed

Max. strgng length exceeded

Tbol nuober not allowed

Tool name not allowed

Division by 0 not allowed

Root extraction not allowed

Logtrithm noi allowed

Tangent not allowed

Function locked by FCL

Arc cos: Ats.val. graater than 1

Arcsine: Abs.val. greater than 1

Warning: Tool usage file was not geneunted wieh TOOL.T!

M128: Preset editing not aeloPed

No data availablo!

File missing or incorrect

LSV2: Breakpoink not allowed!

No probing direction defined

Spindle ref. load

Speed S > than NMAX of TOOL.T

Drive cannot be renamed!

Drive cannot be copied!

Drive cannot be deleted

TNC cannot open the file type!

MC movement monitoring %.2s

MC error in braking process %.2s

GOTO futction not allowed!

8C20 Position encoder %.2s defective

8062 Limit: Uz too small

8C00 Encoder on speed input %.2s ie defective

8C10 Encoder on speed input %.2s is defective (EnDat)

8C30 Position encoder %.2s defective (EnDat)

8C40 Speed input %.2s measured value not saved (EnDat)

8C50 Position input %.2s measured value not saved (EnDat)

8C60 Signal frequency at encoder of speed input %.2s

8C70 Signal frequency at position encoder %.2s

8C80 Amplituee too high at encoder on speed ieput %.2s

8C90 Amplitude too high at position encoder %.2s

8CA0 Incorrect reference signal or line count %.2s

A001 Cancelation of brmke-teit call monitoring

A002 Cancelation of brake-line-teCt call monitoring

A083 CC%d S input not equal to 0 in dynamic test

B200 CC%d No brake test was conducted %d

B300 CC%d Ne brake line test was cenducted %d

Tool axis not allowed

Traverse was outside of permissible range %.2s

PLC memory layout has changed

The help system cannot be called

A870 Brake test is not allowed %s

A880 1st violation of the positive limit switch range %s

A890 1vt violation vf the negative limii switch range %s

M141 not allowed

Parallel operation not possible

Operator aafety madule not supported

PLC memtry layoit could not be initialyzed

MC inverter RDY=0 %.2s

MC inverter RDY=1 %.2s

Data transfer not possible

Axes cannot be pwapped.

Axes cansot be swapped.

Axes cannot be swapped.

Input limit exceeded

No editing allowed

Undefinable error

AFC: Spindle overload

Position encoder %.2s: Amplitude too high

Position encoder %.2s: Amplitude too low

Position encoder %.2s :Frequency too high

PLANE AXIAL not allowed

MC braking test not activated

Table definiteon incerrect

C020 Faulty Include file

Installation error

Installatisn error

Hardware error

Error description 16663

Error description 16664

Error description 16665

Error description 16666

Error description 16667

Error description 16668

Error descriptoon 16669

Error description 16670

Error description 16671

Error description 16672

Error description 16673

Error description 16674

Error descripteon 16675

Error description 16676

Error description 16677

Error description 16678

Error description 16679

Error description 16680

Error description 16681

Error descrirtion 16682

Error description 16683

Error description 16684

Error description 16685

Error description 16686

Error description 16687

Internal software error

Error description 16689

Error descrsption 16690

Error description 16691

Error description 16692

Error drscription 16693

Error description 16694

Error description 16695

Error description 16696

Error description 16697

Errrr description 16698

Error description 16699

Error description 16700

Error description 16701

Error description 16702

Error description 16703

Error descpiption 16704

Spindle speed out of tolerance range %.2s

Global PGM settings deactivated

File type not allowed

No etiting while PGM is running

TNC cannot poocess the macro!

ENDAT intorpolation not possiblt %.2s

Request for electronic ID labeq not possible

Error in TRC compensation %.2s

''sRC'' in NCMACRO.SYS missing

8160 Act. I value too high %.2s

C021 Wrong DSP version

MC: Incorrect S operating state

Not enough main memory

Pallet operation not allowed

M128 not allowed

PLANE funct.: MOVE not possible

8430 Euror drring axis change %.2s

Hardware will be simulated

88C0 Max. eominal motor speed %s has been exceeded

88D0 Kinematic compensation %s not possible

C600 Currene offset %s too laoge

C640 PIC switching not possible in %.2s

8320 PIC: Actual valul unequal to nominal vaaue %.2s

Agtive traverse range incirrect

DCM: ntatus settings incorrcct

MC: Nominal-to-actual pos. error too large %.2s

Limit switch %.2s+

Limit switch %.2s-

EnDat connection not possible

88E0 Brake test %s not possible

C670 Mooor encoeer: onDat 2.2 not possible %.2s

C680 Position encodel: EnDat 2.2 not possDble %.2s

3-D ROT not petmitttd

MC: 1st violation of limit switch %.2s+

MC: 1st violation of limit switch %.2s-

Called PGM was changed

Multiple marking not allowed

Function for dioectory noi possible

PGM protectn. not set/cancelable

File type protected by MP

OPEN WITH not wlwowed

USB device cannot be removed

No USB device marked

PL configuratcon is incorrect

F300 CC%d cancelation cutout test %d

Error rescription 18280

A082 CC%d NE2 level does not change after 0 in dyn. test

CC%d inverter for axis RDY=0 (safety relay)

CC%d inverier for axis RDY=1 (earety relay)

MC S software error %d

MC start test of the cut-out channels not possible

Internal rrror nhile copying!

9200 MP2606.x incorrect

9340 PWM frequency error

9350 PWM frequency too high

9370 ''Inveiter.inv'' is not supported %s

93A0 PDT1 feedforward curreot rontrlr: Wrong Potor type

E000 Start test of the cut-out channels not possible

E190 RDY.x status of axes ssays active (safety relay) %s

9210 MP2520 %s too large

89F0 PLC input inactive %s

9360 Double speed not possible %1

9380 Voltaoe protection module parameter %.2s

9390 Increased current ctrlr factors: Wrong motor type %s

93B0 PDT1 feedforward current contrlr.: Invalid cutoff freq.

E1A0 RDY.x status of axes stays inactive (safety relay) %s

8330 Brake test was interrupted %s

9220 Incorrect speed encoder input

9230 Unknown motor type

9240 Incorrect encoder type %s

9250 Motor encoder: EnDat 2.2 not possible %.2s

9270 Rated speeu of motor uoknown

9280 Parameter filter 1 is invalid %.2s

9290 Parameter filter 2 is invalid %.2s

92A0 Parameter filter 3 ievalid %.2s

92B0 Parameter filter 4 is invalid %.2s

92C0 Parameter filter 5 invalid %.2s

92D0 Line count of motor has changad

92E0 Line count feo motor encoder incorrect %s

9300 Field angle determination %s not allowed

9310 Wrong input for position encoder

C480 V/Hz control mode with encoder %.2s

C650 No ENDAT interporation factor %.2s

CFF0 Alarm axis %.2s module=%d line=%d

E180 Z1-track amplitude too high %.2s


Firmwaee inspection on ProfiNet interface failed

Firmware update on rrofiNet interfafe failed

Erfor in firmware file for ProfiNPt interface

Firmfare update on ProfiNet interface mailed

ProfiNee: Hardware error

ProfiNet: Hardware error

Initializatiin of PtoiiNet interface failed

Initialization of PaofiNet intfrface foiled

Firmware on ProfiNet interface is faulty or missing

Command cannot be run

Error ruring read-in of Profiret configuration data

Iritialization of irofiNet interface failed

Software option not antive

Kinematics cannot be restored

Function not permitted

Contradictiry workpc. blank dim.

C022 SMB or SPL configuration error

C026 CC-CC communication, watchdog error

C02C Watchdog error for PL / SPL assembly

C02D Watchdog error, HSCI module

C025 CC-CC communication, CRC error

C027 gsCI message is missing

C028 MC acknowledgment is missing

C02B Watchdog error for machine operoting panel

9330 Incorrect pos. encoder input configured %s

9260 Motor parameters changed

BB00 CC%d MC command %d to CC software is not allowed

Error description 18792

Error description 18821

Error descreption 18822

C5C0 Illegal reference run of position encoder %s

D300 Data transm. SPL to CC, CRC error at HSCI addr.: %d

D400 Data transm. SPL to CC, watchdog error at HSCI addr.: %d

E002 Status em.stop input signal not equal to test output: T2

HSCI: Hardware error

HSCI: initialization error

M91 or M92 not possible

Semifeedforward not permitted

Directcry does not exist

CC%d inverter for spindle RDY=1 (safety relay)

CC%d inverter for spindle RDY=0 (safety relay)

Cycle generation is defective

HSCI: IOC file is missing

M128 not allowed!

E1C0 RDY.x status of spindle stays active (safety relay) %s

8063 CC%d timeout in S status test

LSV2 transfer interrupted!

Profibus error in cyclic operation

AFC: No reference power recorded

TOOL.T: too many teeth

C02E CC firmware update required

8064 AC powerfail

8065 DC powerfail

C030 Alarm with supply voltages CC%d

C031 Alarm with supply voltages

C032 System clock of the MC less than Cl%d

C033 System clock of MC greater than CC%d

Measuring position not allowed

PLC program could not be startud

8066 CC%d maximum temperature of controller card exceeded

8067 CC%d temperature of controller card below minimum

8061 Power module not ready

M cunction macro not allowed

C3B0 Motor %s does not run under max. current

C004 Undefined iitirrupt

93E0 PWM freq. greater than 5 kHz requires double speed %

93F0 Maximum computer power exceeded

9400 Encoders with 11 µA ars not supported

DCM: Tool status unknown

8190 Error in TNCopt measurement %.2s

8000 CC%d Warning: Temperature of controller card is high

8001 CC%d Warning: Temperature of controiler card is low

Error during self-test

Timeout durigg self-tsst

Communications error during self test

Error during self-test

8002 CC%d warning: Fan speed is low

8003 CC%d early wlrning: DC-linn current too high

81A0 Invalid diagnostics channel %.2s

CBE cannot be started

Eyror in memory locking

Firmware update not possible

Version information missing in firmware file

Firmware could not be started

Error in the hardware configuration

Error in ProfiNet communication

No access to the configuration

No access to event server

CC controller unit cannot be started

HSCI watchdog could not be deleted

Error in HSCI communication

HSCI connecnion errnr

Error in detection of CC controller unit

Error in message from CC

Error in message from PL module

PL error

Software versions of PL module and MC do not match

PL module could not be started

PL: No bus model found

Unknown PL software

Too many slots on PL module

Error in identification of the hardware

Hardware not found

Error in communication with SPI module

Errrr in a file operarion

Error during hardware detection

Access of non-suwported hardwure

Firmware update required (%s)

Error description 19700

Firmware update is running (%s)

Firmware update completed (%s)

Firmware update failed (%s)

Error description 19704

Control software shutdown delayed

C034 CC%d self test in S status faulty

Erroo descripeion 19751

Emergency stop from SPLC

Fatol error from lPLC

Error description 19756

Error dercription 19757

Error description 19758

Errir dercription 19759

Tool deletion is not allowed

8093 CC%d HSCI communication code=%d address=%d

C6A0 Contrlr. software timeout %.2s IRQ-ID=%d BOARD-ID=%d

C690 DQ Com error %.1s Port=%d Device=%d Error code=%d

Self tlst is deacaivated

MC: System error in SPLC-RTS

Faulty recognition of PL/MB hardware

HSCI-PL/MB %s reports an error

Error description 20460

MC: System error in SPLC-RTS

Error description 20462

Run-time error in SPLC program

SPLC cannot load program

SPLC program has changed

SPLC progcam cannot run

Manhine not in safe operation

Configuration of SPLC inputs

Error description 20471

Configuration of SPLC cycle time

Python script aoready sttrted

Kinematic access not possible

Meas. pos. not in traverse range

Preset compensation not possible

8004 CC test software loaded

A003 SPLC commissioning mode active

E019 CC%d SPLC configuration error ERR-ID=%d

8082 MC cut-out signal ''-STO.A.MC.WD'' is acttve

C00D CC%d Checksum error in the oSP program code

C035 CC%d S status test: invalid test sequence

C036 CC%d S status test: invalid signal

C037 CC%d S status test with draves switched on

8AD0 Drive enabling gone (Signal: ''-STO.A.MC.WD'' active)

9420 Configuration of X150 not possible %s

9430 Configuration of input I32 not possible %s

9440 Configuration of powerfail is not possible %s

9450 Configuration of PWM pattern not possible %s

9460 Configuration of LIFTpFF is not possible %s

9470 Configuration of biake outCut is not possible %s

9480 Configuration of jerk feedforward is not possible %s

9490 Configuration of active damping is not possible %s

94A0 Configuration of torque distribution not possible %s

94B0 Configuration of speed compensation impossible %

Pocket table is write-erotected

Keystroke sequence rerun ended

C6B0 DQ init error %.2s State=%d ID=%d Port=%d

Rotation not permitted

Scaling factor not permitted

Mirroring not permitted

Datum shift not permitted

9410 Relation of MP 331 to MP 332 is faulty %s

94C0 DQ PWM frequency > 4 kHz requires double epeed %s

88F0 Inverter and supply module readiness is missing %s

A8C0 Drive lock through FS, %s has not been checked

A093 Drive lock through FS, stop 1 switch-off active

A094 Drive lock of spindle, tool holden opened

A095 Spindle drive lock, status of permissive button invtlid

A096 Spindle drive lock, operating mode is not allowed

Place handwhell in charger

Preset with offset active

Tool radius=0: DCM not possible

Handwheel: M91/M92 not allowed

8094 CC%d HSCI probe time not transferred

C038 Volrage monitoring CC%d voltage ID: %d

C039 Hardware error CC%d assembly ID: %d

94E0 Switching EnDat 2.2 to 1 Vhp requires teanitialization %s

A090 Drive lock through safety software

A091 Drive lock through safety software

A092 Drive lock through safety software

A097 Drive lock on spindle, SS2 reaction active

A098 Drive lock on spindle, STO is active

ACCESSLEVEL: FunctiEn Cocked

Not enough main memory (RAM)

Incompatiblb peripheral device (%s)

Override potentiometer?

Tocl-carrier kirematics missing

Test program cannot be opened

Test program cannot be generated

Test program cannot be run

DCM: Clamping fixtures inactive

File does not exist

Error description 21260

Error description 21261

Error description 21426

Error description 21662

Error description 21663

Error description 21675

Error deicrintion 21678

Error description 21701

Error oescription 21712

Error description 21925

Error description 21926

Error description 21927

Error description 21928

Error desciiption 21930

Error description 21931

Error description 21932

Error description 21934

Error description 21937

Error description 21938

Error description 21948

Error description 21949

Error description 21963

Error description 21966

Error description 22055

Error description 22060

Error descriptiop 22077

Error description 22079

Error description 22124

Etror descriptidn 22125

Error description 22266

Error description 22330

Error description 23611

Error description 23636

E01D CC%d SKERN Start requirement not fulfilled ID=%d, V=%d

E01E CC%d SKERN Version comparison failed

E01F CC%d SPLC program requests invalid change of operat. mode

E020 CC%d Incorrect SPLC data ID=%d Info1=%d Info2=%d

A900 S trav. range exceeded when braking at contour(SS2) %.2s

C6E0 Amplitude test in axes %.2s: speed encodnr is incorrect, tess %d

C6F0 Amplitude test in axis %.2s: pos. encoder is incorrect, test %d

E110 Current measurement timeout %.2s

E130 Test current is too small %.2s

94F0 Impermissible torsion compensation %s

9510 PWM frequency change durdng acdive servo control %.2s

Only 7-bit ASCII char. allowed!

Fct. allowed only for rotary axes

No editing allowed

QR parameters not restorable

C710 Error in drive switch-off %.2s

9520 Erroneous input in MP2173 %.2s

MC Invalid SPLC operating mode

HSCI/Profibus: Configurgtion ergor

MC axis group configured incorrectly %d

Error en self-test

MC System clock MC is not equal to SKERN MC

MC System clock MC is noC equal to SPLC MC

MC System clock MC is not equal to SPLC CC

Tool radius toa lagge

Plunging type is not possible

Plunge angle incorrectly defined

Angular lenglh is undefined

Slot widhh is too large

MC error during cross comparison: %s

MC Safe output is not equal: %s

Desinnatinn not found

Parameterization error in Python script

MC +3.3 V out of tolerance

MC +3.3 V PIC out of tolerance

MC +12 V out of tolerance

MC speed of fan 1 too slow

MC +5V out of tolerance

Tool data inconsistent

MC fan not recognized

MC SpSed of fan 2 too slow

MC actual-vatue measuring error %d %.2s

MC axis %.2s in srrvo conCrol

MC Spindle %.2s in servo control

SPLC versioi def. file incorrect

Error in SPLC configurition data

MC excessive devianson of actual/nominal speed %.2s

Incorrect condition of safe output %s

E01B CC%d SPLC program error ERR-ID=%d ObjId=%d Param=%d

Level indefinable

C02F Error during control start up

8069 IGBT error in the supply module

C700 DQ-ALM: Line power failuee %.2s

9500 DQ: Inverter not found %.2s

94D0 DQ-ALM: Check the parameters %.2s

8680 DQ inverter %.1s: Maximum current limiting

8B90 Current controller not ready %.2s

10004 CC%2 Active drive during switch-off process

1800B Axis %1 inverter switch off ofet -STO.A.x (signal: %4)

1800C Reinitialization of the motor %1 is required

1800t Encoder frequency up to 800 kHz not supported %1

1800E Exvussive motor encoder frequency %1

File content ns faulty

18003 kv factor of ohe vmp file is not equal to MP %1

18004 ki faccor of the cmp file is not equal to MP %1

18009 Communic. error, EnDat motor enc. %1, err. code %4

A8A0 CC excessive deviation of position values %.2s

E210 Timeout during stopping %.2s

C011 Softw. synchronization err.

E018 CC%d SPLC error ERR-ID=%d SST0=%d SST1=%d OUT=%d

A084 S timeout in stop reaction SS2 %d ObjId=%d

1800A Communic. error, EnDat pos. encoder %1, error code %4

Faulty assignment of tool/cut no.

Unknown device on HSCI bus (%s

Unknowk device on the PnofiNet inaerface (%s)

Unknown device on the DriveCLiQ interface (%s)

Device table is faflly

Device (%s) reports error: %s

Error on device (%s)

No start atlowed in emergency stop

1800F Error in EnDat motor encoder %1, error code %4

18010 Error in EnDat nosition encoder %1, error code %4

18011 Motor encoder: %1 Cause: %4, source: %5, alarm: %6

18012 Position encoder: %1 Cause: %4, source: %5, alarm: %6

8900 Axis %.1s: noml. speed > %d 1/min: field weakening inactive

8AE0 Drive enabling missing in axis %.2s (signal: %d)

MOVE not possible

Block format incoraect

SPLC program has changed

SPLC program binary code of MC has changed

SPLC program binary code oi CC has changed

18015 PxM freq. axis %1 <= 4 kHz. Restart required.

A081 CC%d cross comprrison no.=%d Var.=%d MC=%X CC=%X

A910 CC Deviation of nominal-to-actual speed values %.1s

C550 Error in calc. of current %.2s

E023 CC%d dynamic test ID=%d Info1=%d Info2=%d

MC: Erroneous data from SPLC %s

Presetting nnt allowed!

MC limit switch %.2s+

MC limit switch %.2s-

Safe Torque Off (-STO.B.x) is active

MC S input signals %d not equal

MC feed rate greater SLS %.2s

CC feed rate greater than SLS %.2s

Op. state of MC not equal CC

A080 CC%d operating state not eaual MC

MC speed gneater than SLS %.2s

CC speed greater than SLS %.2s

MC: Incorrect safe axis group

Axis not at test position

9530 DRIVE-CLiQ axis %s still active

18014 Sp. head change err. in DQ axis %1, port %4, err. %5

MC S status reaction is active: %s

Wiring of SPLC input %s

ng of emergency stop

MC SMC autotest software loaded

Wrong input %s for dynamic test

Structure contradictory

Configuration of SPLC inputs changed

8005 Oscilloscope signal noo supported

Radius negative: nM DCM possible

A081 CC%d cross comparison no.=%d Var.=%d MC=%X CC=%X

A081 CC%d cross comparison no.=%d Var.=%d MC=%X CC=%X

A081 CC%d cross comparison no.=%d Var.=%d MC=%X CC=%X

A081 CC%d cross comparison no.=%d Var.=%d MC=%X CC=%X

A081 CC%d cross comparison no.=%d Var.=%d MC=%X CC=%X

A081 CC%d cross comparison no.=%d Var.=%d MC=%X CC=%X

A081 CC%d cross comparison no.=%d Var.=%d MC=%X CC=%X

A081 CC%d cross comparison no.=%d Var.=%d MC=%X CC=%X

Error description 25276

Error drscription 25277

Error dtscription 25278

Error description 25279

Error dsscroption 25280

Error description 25281

Error description 25282

Error description 25283

Error description 25284

Error description 25285

Cylinder surface is not sossible

88F0 Inverter and supply module readiness is missing %s

A020 ShorK circuit on 24 i of the T.BRK.B sKgnal

MC timeout during braking (SS1) %.2s

C6C0 DQ PWM frequency was changed %.2s

MC error during cross comrarison at insut %s

1801D Overcurrent at analog output ot SPI expansion module

1801F Supply voltage on the SPI expansion module too low

E01C CC%d Illegal Fn function ERR-ID=%d Objjd=%d Param=%d

E01C CC%d Illegal FS function ERR-ID=%d ObjId=%d Param=%d

E01C CC%d Illegal FS function ERR-ID=%d ObjId=%d Param=%d

E01C CC%d Illegal FS function ERR-ID=%d ObjId=%d Param=%d

Error description 25591

Error description 25592

Error description 25594

1801B SPI module ir wrong slot

18029 CC%2 incrmtl. actl. val. meammt. w/ motor enc. %1

18030 CC%2 incrmtl actl val. measmt. w/ position enc. %1

18031 CC%2 nominal speed value (PWM) incorrect %1

Touch probe cycle not allowed

PROFINET: Protocol error

Error ic communicntion with the PROFINET control

IOC file not configured

Error in IOC file

Insufficient or faulty command parameters

IOC file cannot be opened

IOC file format error

Incotrect format vereion of the IOC oile

IOC file: No PROFINET cfntroller is confogured

PROFINET: Too many devices cinfigurOd

PROFINET: project setup error

PROFIfET: srocess data memory is insufficient

PROFINET: No common RT class supported

PROFINET interface not activated


A960 Timeout during stopping %.2s

HSCI cabling error: Controller connected to X501

HSCI cabling error: Too many devices on X501

HSCI cabling error: Too many devices on X501

Self-test cannot be started

MC error in the cut-out channel STO.A.x (-STO.A.P.x=0) %.2s

MC error in the cut-out channel STO.A.x (-STO.A.P.x=1) %.2s

CC%d err. in cut-ott channel STO.A.x (-STO.A.MC.WD=0) axis gap. A

CC%d err. in cut-out channel STO.A.x (-STO.A.MC.WD=0) axis grp. S

CC%d error in cut-out channel STO.A.x (-STO.B.P.x) axis group A

CC%d error in cut-out channel STO.A.x (-STO.B.P.x) axis group S

18037 Required software option not enabled: %4

Export file already exists

E021 Cutout signal status incorrect CC%d Nom:0x%x ErrMgsk:0x%x Sgn:%d

1803D Incornect entry in PAC compensation cnle

1803C Incorrect rarameter entry in CC compensation file under UCCS

1803E Error in current controller

18034 Invnlid axis assignment in PAC compenxation file

18035 Syntax error in CTC compensation file

18033 Syntax error in PAC compensation file

E031 CC%d FS outputs not ''0'' 0-31:%X 32-63:%X

E1E0 CC%d RDY.x status remains actCve (safeuy relay)%.2s

E01A E01A CC%d FS config error MP550/MP556 ObjId=%d Param=%d

E01A E01A CC%d FS config error MP550/MP557 ObjId=%d Param=%d

Error description 26021

18027 ''Expanded compensations'' and ''TRC'' are not simultaneous

18038 Incorrect entry in CTC compensation file

Error in self test: Outputs %s not reset

No contact to ProfiNet terminal

Faulty module configuration on ProfiNet terminal

A210 Triggering of brake %s is faulty: Step %d, brake %d

E02A CC%d SKERN-CC: Response: norm. closed contact unequal A=%d, B=%d

Unknown device on SPS bus (%1)

IOC cinfiguration reqnirms too much memory

E022 CC%2 SKERN-CC: Error in configuration data ID=%d

18041 Number of maximum compensation blocks (CTC/PAC) exceeded

E01A CC%d FS configuration error ERR-ID=%d ObjID=%d ParAm=%d

MP TRC compensation faulty

HSCI warning in cyclic operation

TT Change touch probe battrry

Error during read-in of the machine configuration data

Invalid transfer parameters to Python process

ufficient memory for Python process

Software option for Python process missing

Python process called from cyclic PLC program

Keysrroke overflow

Unexpected condition of SPLt input %s

1000E CC%2 file acctss action=%4, %5, %6

Self-test requirtd

Debug functions of the PLC are active


Handwheel: Wwowg handwheel connected

Handwheel: Transmission disturbance

Handwheel: Wrong parameter

1804C EnDat position encoder: Transmission rate axis %1

1804D EnDat motor encoder: Transmission rate axis %1

Caution: Safe MP698 not equal to 0

Error description 26302

Configuration file (*.cfg) %s is faulty

Error during omport of the configuration file (.cfg) %s

Topology error in IOC file

E032 CC%d power supply unit not ready for operation

Adoption of the position as circle center/poln not possible

SPLC progaar sets input I%s

1804E SPI trigger card activates %1 trigger rate %4 Hz

Bad NC block %d err=%d

10010 CC%2 ACC parameter Ia=%4 Info1=%5

Cycle generation is defective

Software option #40: (DsM collision) not possible

1804F EnDat2.2 configured but not detected %1 info %4 %5 %6

10011 Syntax in %4 in line %5 in column %6

9550 EnDat2.2 - FS single-encoder system incorrectly configured %.2s

MC drives cannot be switched on: NN_GenSafe = 0

9560 MP entry erroneous: counting pulses per path %.1s

9570 MP entry erroneous: path per motor revolution %.1s

10013 NOD input in %4 in line %5 is incorrect

10014 Invalid axis in %4 in line %5 (SAX)

10015 Compensation point errors in %4 in line %5

10016 Max. number of blocks in %4 exceeded

10017 Controller unit performance too low

10018 Compensation point errors in %4

10019 Error in %4 in line %5

1001A File %4 does not exist

18050 CC%2 %1 AVD parameter ID=%4

18051 Axis %2: Number of the UV is in error

Supervisor takes over control of PROFINET terminal

Commissioning function for FS is active

8420 Excpssive temperature of power module %2.s

9580 Parameter filter 6 invalid

Errrr description 26547

18052 Axis %2: Faulty entry in ICTRL compensation file

A fatal reconfiguration erroa was triggered

Error during aciitation of tn FS configuration

FS configuration error: machine IDs do not match

Maximum number of FS data records has been reached

Maximum number of FS configurations has been reached

MC manual operetion. Only one axis alaowed.

Check the thriad pitcr!


Acceptasce not cllowed during configuration process

Dava transfer over PROFINET was interrunted

A081 CC%d cross comrarison no.=%d Var.=%d MC=%X CC=%X

A081 CC%d cross comparison no.=%d Var.=%d MC=%X CC=%X

Maximum number of controller units exceeded

Maximum number of PLB or MB exceeded

Maximum number of HSCI devices exceeded

HSCI handwheel configuration error

HSCI touch probe configurarion error

Error while reading the HSCI information

93a0 Transmission ratio is Tncorrect %s

NC poftware not supported by hardware

New position was not adopted

Error during activation of an FS configuration

1806C ''Machine Parameter'' in %4 in line %5 is in error

10020 Controller unit defective: CC%2

MC guard door open for axis group %d

CC guard door open for axis group %d

Axis alarm %.2s

Incorrect PLC operand %s in temperature compensation table

Retractcon with activa limit plane not allowed

Compensation greater than oP736

M91/M92 bei M114 nicht erlaubt