Error message

CC%d error in cut-out channel STO.A.x (-STO.B.P.x) axis group A

Cause of error

The cutout channel test detected a fault:
The CC-specific pulse release for the corresponding power modules of the NC axis group (A) over the A channel is defective.
The cutout channel STO.A.x was switched to inactive for the test of the cutout channel STO.B.x for all power modules of the axis group A.
At least one of the acknowledgment signals for this cutout channel has the wrong condition, i.e. when
- JH inverter: At least one power module reports "no readiness" (RDY.x=0), although for all power modules of the axis group A of the CC, "readiness“ (RDY.x=1) is expected.
- DRIVE-CLiQ inverter: At least one of the associated diagnostic signal is "0", although "1" is expected.

Error correction

- Check the wiring (e.g. pulse release at X72 of supply module,
X73 Heidenhain interface board, PWM cable is defective)
- Exchange defective hardware (power module)
- Inform your service agency.