Error message

C6E0 Amplitude test in axis %.2s: speed encoder is incorrect, test %d

Cause of error

The internal test of encoder-amplitude monitoring at the speed inputs revealed an error:
Test 1: The test for "Amplitude too low" failed.
Test 2: The test for "Amplitude too high" failed.
- The entry in MP120/MP108 does not match the wiring of the speed encoder.
- Incorrect entry in MP2206 (e.g. Z1-track operation selected for EnDat2.2 encoder)
- Speed encoder cable is interrupted, or encoder cable is defective
- Speed encoder is defective
- CC controller unit is defective

Error correction

- Compare/Check the entry in MP120 and MP108 to the speed encoder cabling
- Check the entry in MP2206
- Check the speed encoder cable / Exchange the cable
- Exchange the speed encoder
- Exchange the CC controller unit
- Inform your service agency