Error message

88F0 Inverter and supply module readiness is missing %s

Cause of error

- While the drive was still under servo control, both the Ready
signal of the inverter and the Ready signal of the supply
module were switched to inactive.
- Possible causes:
- UV was switched off over X70
- Fault clearance of the UV:
- Dropout in power supply
- DC-link voltage is too high
- DC-link voltage is too low
- DC-link current is too high
- PLC or external wiring switched UV off
- Noise signals on wiring CC -> UV, CC -> UM
- CC controller unit is defective.

Error correction

- Check the diagnostic LEDs on the UV in the event of an error
- Check the power supply of the UV
- Check the enabling signal on X70
- Check whether the braking resistor is connected for a
non-regenerative power supply.
- Check the cable ground and shield
- Exchange the supply module and the power module
- Exchange the CC controller unit.
- Inform your service agency.