Error message

8C20 Position encoder %.2s defective

Cause of error

- There is no position encoder signal
- Interruption of the position encoder cable
- The signal amplitude of the position encoder is missing or too small
- The position encoder is contaminated
- Incorrect parameters of MP116.1(CC424) or MP118/Bit 1 during use of an external Y cable
- Incorrect parameters of MP116.2(CC424) or MP118/Bit 2 at feed rates greater than 50 kHz (counting frequency results from the encoder resolution)

Error correction

- Check the position encoder connection
- Check the function of the position encoder
- Check the amplitude of the position encoder.
- Check the settings in MP116.1 or MP118/bit 1. If an external Y cable is used, a 1 has to be entered in this machine parameter.
- Check the setting of the MP116.2 or MP118/bit 2 and max. feed velocity. At feed rates greater than 50 kHz (corresponding counting frequency at the position input results from the resolution of the encoder), a 1 must be entered in MP116.2 or MP118/bit 2.
- Inform your service agency