Error message

9550 EnDat2.2 - FS single-encoder system incorrectly configured %.2s

Cause of error

It was configured so that both only the EnDat 2.2 position encoder and only the EnDat 2.2 shaft speed encoder are to be used for functional safety.
This is not allowed.

Error correction

- Check the entry in machine parameter MP 118, bit 4 and bit 5:
Both bits cannot be set at the same time.
- Special settings for single-encoder systems with EnDat 2.2 FS encoders:
Set bit 4 if only the position encoder is to be used for functional safety
or set bit 5 if only the shaft speed encoder is to be used for functional safety
- Standard setting: set neither of the two bits, if you want to configure a normal dual-encoder system or
if the affected axis is run in functional safety with only one encoder (single-encoder safety).