Error message

Self-test cannot be started

Cause of error

Before the self-test (emergency stop test), an error occurred that prevents the test from starting:
- Emergency stop error has occurred
- Emergency stop button was pressed
- Emergency-stop circuit is defective
- Internal temperature of an HSCI component is too high
- Internal temperature of an HSCI component is too low
- The fan of an HSCI component is defective
- The power supply to the component is missing, too low or too high
- HSCI cabling is missing or defective

Error correction

- Note further messages.
- Use the HSCI bus diagnostics to find out which components are reporting an error
- Check the emergency-stop circuit
- Check the power supply to the affected HSCI components
- Check the HSCI cabling
- If necessary, exchange the HSCI component
- Generate the service files and inform your service agency