Error message

A081 CC%d cross comparison no.=%d Var.=%d MC=%X CC=%X

Cause of error

- A difference was found in the data in a comparison between MC and CC
- Input data the of core safety software:
No.= 0 -> requested axis group safety status
in: "pp_AxGrpStateReq[Var.]"
No.= 1 -> axis group enabling
in: "pp_AxGrpActivate[Var.]"
No.= 2 -> axis-specific movement enabling
in: "pp_AxFeedEnable[Var.]
No.= 3 -> axis group stop request
in: "pp_AxGrpStopReq[Var.]
No.= 4 -> Status of the axis-group specific permissive button
in: "pp_AxGrpPB[Var.]
No.= 5 -> Status of the acknowledgement safety relay chain
in: "pp_GenFB_NCC
No.= 6 -> machine switch-on status
in: "pp_GenCVO
No.= 7 -> axis-group specific permission for drive enabling
in: "pp_AxGrpPermitDrvOn[Var.]
No.= 8 -> collective status of the machine keys
in: "pp_GenMKG
No.= 9 -> Status of the brake-line test signal
in: "pp_GenTBRK
No.=10 -> SKERN safety operating condition
in: "pp_GenSOM
No.=11 -> Status of the read-back outputs
in: "readBackOutputs[Var.]
No.=12 -> Status: SPLC program active
in: "running
No.=13 -> Stop request
in: "stopReq
- Output data of the core safety software:
No.= 128 -> ascertained axis group safety status
No.= 129 -> axis-dependent brake control
No.= 130 -> axis-group movement condition
No.= 131 -> safety readiness for operation

Error correction

- Check the external wiring
- Check the SPLC program
- Inform your service agency.