Error message

C4A0 Inverter %s is not active

Cause of error

- Charging contactor and main contactor on the supply unit is not on (e.g. connector X70 on UV)
- Safety relay not on (e.g. connectors X71 and X72 of the UV, X73 of the HEIDENHAIN expansion board for Simodrive)
- PWM bus cable interrupted
- Interruption in the electrical cabinet (unit bus, PWM ribbon cable)
- Defective inverter, (supply unit and/or power modules, compact inverter)
- Inverter switched off (PLC, SH1)
- Inverter defective
- Motor defective
- Humidity has entered the motor
- Incorrect motor selected in motor table
- Motor power cables mismatched
- Motor connected incorrectly

Error correction

- Inform your service agency
- Check the inverter and wiring
- Check the motor and wiring