Error message

CC%d err. in cut-out channel STO.A.x (-STO.A.MC.WD=0) axis grp. A

Cause of error

The cutout channel test detected a fault:
The CC-specific pulse deletion for the corresponding power modules of the NC axis group (A) over the A channel is defective.
Switch-off signal: STO.A.MC.WD
Switch-off signal: STO.A.x
At least one of the acknowledgment signals for this cutout channel has the wrong condition, i.e. when
- JH inverter: At least one power module reports "readiness" (RDY.x=1), although for all power modules of the axis group A of the CC, "No readiness“ (RDY.x=0) is expected.
- DRIVE-CLiQ inverter: At least on of the associated diagnostic signal is "1", although "0" is expected.

Error correction

- Check the wiring (PWM cable)
- Hardware error (power module, controller unit)
- Inform your service agency.