Error message

E01A CC%d FS configuration error ERR-ID=%d ObjId=%d Param=%d

Cause of error

- The transferred configuration data (safe machine parameters) for SKERN contain faulty data.
The ERR-ID describes the error more precisely:
204 Axis configured as safe axis (MP600/MP601 unequal -1)
The safety-relevant applications ("safety bits") are not supported by the speed encoder although the EnDat2.2 mode of the encoder is active
and it is a single-encoder system. This configuration is not allowed.
CC: Number of the CC
ObjId: Drive number (0 <=> X51, 1 <=> X52 etc.)
Param: Axis group (value of the affected SMP600/601)

Error correction

204 - Check the speed encoder. It may have to be replaced.
Check the axis configuration
Inform your service agency