Error message

18009 Communic. error, EnDat motor enc. %1, err. code %4

Cause of error

- An error occurred with the EnDat motor encoder
- The error code describes the cause:
- 101 and 102:
The encoder generated an internal error message. A further alarm 0x1800F describes the exact cause.
- 103, 104 and 105:
An error occurred in communication.
Possible causes:
- Defective encoder line
- Encoder line is not suitable for digital EnDat communication at high clock frequency
- Disturbances on the encoder line (e.g. through insufficient shielding)

Error correction

- Check additional information from alarm message 0x1800F
- Check the encoder line
- Check whether the encoder line is suited for digital transmission at high frequency
- Exchange the encoder
- Exchange the hardware (CC)
- Inform your service agency.