Error message

A910 CC Deviation of nominal-to-actual speed values %.1s

Cause of error

- The safety function nominal/actual value monitoring of rotational-speed values has ascertained an excessive deviation.
- The actual velocity deviates for longer than the permissible
duration (feed axes: MP632.x/spindle MP633) by the maximum permissible
deviation (feed axes: MP630.x/spindle MP631) from the nominal velocity value.
- Possible causes:
- MP630/631 setting is too small
- MP632/633 setting is too small
- Setting for the I component of the speed controller (MP2510) was too small
- Is the speed encoder cable connected?
- Motor encoder defective or loose

Error correction

- Check the entry in MP630/631
- Check the entry in MP632/633
- Check the I component of the speed controller (MP2510)
- Check the speed encoder mounting
- Check the cable on the speed encoder
- Exchange the speed encoder
- Inform your service agency.