Program Continuation:

PROFIBUS DP: bus %3, configuration error %1, parameter %2

%1 = Cause of the error %2 = Parameter

%3 = Number of the affected bus

The PROFIBUS DP was not generated in SDB1000 in accordance with the configuration specifications of the NC in use.

Overview: Cause of the error, Par 1:

01    = SDB contains slave without diagnostics slot, Slave address

02    = SDB contains too many slot entries, Identifier

03    = SDB contains no equidistance data, No fct.

20    = SDB contains too many slaves, number of slaves.

21    = SDB missing or contains invalid data, error code.

22    = SDB configuration data erroneous, slave address, error code

23    = reserved

24    = reserved

25    = reserved

26    = reserved

27    = reserved

28    = reserved

29    = reserved

-    Channel not ready.

-    NC Start disable in this channel.

-    Interface signals are set.

-    Alarm display.

Check that the corresponding SDB contains a diagnostic slot for every slave and contains only slave entries relevant to the application.

In general, it is possible to include a superset of slaves in the SDB that are partially relevant for different end versions of the product. However, this overloads the NC memory and runtime capacity and should therefore be avoided in general.

If this alarm occurs, it is necessary to reduce the SDB to a minimum.

If the code for the error cause is 03, check that equidistance is activated in the SDB (using STEP7 HW config).

If the alarm continues to occur, please make a note of the error text and contact the control system manufacturer.

Switch control OFF - ON.

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