Axis %1 drive %2 error on actual current measurement zero balancing


%1 = NC axis number

%2 = Drive number


The value of the actual current exceeded the maximum permissible limits during current zero balancing (performed on every pulse disable). For example, the synchronous motor is rotating at a small intermediate circuit voltage and current is flowing across the freewheeling diodes in the intermediate circuit.


-    NC not ready.

-    The NC switches to follow-up mode.

-    Channel not ready.

-    NC Start disable in this channel.


-    Interface signals are set.

-    Alarm display.

-    NC Stop on alarm.

-    Channel not ready.

Error in actual current measurement (if necessary, replace 611D power section or controller module)

Incorrect power section module (1/2 axis)

Check the contact between the controller module and the power section

Check the contact between the fixing screw and the controller module

Program Continuation:

Switch control OFF - ON.

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