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Axis %1 drive %2 NC sign-of-life failure

%1 = NC axis number %2 = Drive number

Upon servo enable, the NC must update the sign-of-life monitoring in each position control cycle. In case of error, sign-of-life monitoring has not been updated.


a)    NC no longer updates the sign-of-life as a reaction to an alarm (e.g. 611D alarm)

b)    Fault occurred during communication via the drive bus

c)    Hardware error on the drive module

d)    NC fault

e)    For 840D: Value of the machine data MD10082: $MN_CTRLOUT_LEAD_TIME (Offset of the setpoint acceptance instant) is too great

f)    MD 1003 $MD_STS_CONFIG not set correctly (e.g. zero)

The alarm can be reprogrammed in the MD ALARM_REACTION_CHAN_NOREADY (channel not ready).

-    Mode group not ready.

-    The NC switches to follow-up mode.

-    Channel not ready.

-    NC Start disable in this channel.

-    Interface signals are set.

-    Alarm display.

-    NC Stop on alarm.

-    Channel not ready.

Please inform the authorized personnel/service department. for a) Determine whether the sign-of-life monitoring failure is a sequential fault. A sequential fault arises, e.g. through: Fault/alarm from axis x with an n-axis configuration. If this fault profile arises, the above-stated error message will be isued for all n-axes, although there is only a fault/alarm at axis x. ==Remedy the error at axis x == sign of life of the other axes is irrelevant.

for b) Check cable connection, perform remedial measures (check shielding or ground connection).

for c) Change controller module.

for d) See NC Diagnostics Guide and change NC hardware if necessary.

for e) Correctly set the machine data 840D MD10082: $MN_CTRLOUT_LEAD_TIME

(Offset of the setpoint acceptance instant) with the machine data MD10083:

$MN_CTRLOUT_LEAD_TIME_MAX (Maximum settable offset of the setpoint acceptance


for f) Check MD 1300 $MD_STS_CONFIG.

Switch control OFF - ON.

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