Program Continuation:

%1 see explanation

%1 = Alarm texts are displayed below in respect of individual causes of the alarm Alarm text: Alarm list is full.

Pending alarms/messages could not be entered into the alarm list due to lack of space. The alarm cannot be deleted, as this event has made the alarm list permanently inconsistent.

Alarm text: Number of alarm texts too high.

The number of alarm texts is currently limited to 5000. This limit has been exceeded by the alarm text configuration.

Alarm text: File %1 not found.

Alarm text: Input/output error in file %1.

Alarm text: Input/output error.

Alarm text: Error on reading from the index file.

Alarm text: Error on writing into the index file.

Alarm text: Syntax error in alarm text file %1.

Alarm texts are stored in files. One of these files could not be accessed properly.

- Alarm display.

Expand the alarm list (Enter maximum number in the file mbdde.ini in the section [Alarms]). Then perform a cold restart for the operator panel.

Reduce the number of alarm texts. Then perform a cold restart for the operator panel. Make sure that the MMC memory on the hard disk is available after booting, or re-install the MMC software.

When entering your own alarm texts, check whether the path and file name are entered correctly in mbdde.ini.



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