Program Continuation:

Axis %1 difference in function safe cam plus %2, NCK: %3 drive: %4

%1 = Axis number %2 = Cam number %3 = Monitoring status safe cam plus %4 = Monitoring status safe cam plus

During cross-comparison of result list 2 a difference was detected between the NCK and drive monitoring channels in the status of safe cam plus monitoring.

Safe cam 1+:    Bit    0, 1    in    result list 2

Safe cam 2+:    Bit    4, 5    in    result list 2

Safe cam 3+:    Bit    8, 9    in    result list 2

Safe cam 4+:    Bit    12,    13    in result list 2

Monitoring status (%3, %4):

OFF = Monitoring is inactive in this monitoring channel

OK = Monitoring is active in this monitoring channel, limit values are not violated L+ = Monitoring is active in this monitoring channel, upper limit exceeded L- = Monitoring is active in this monitoring channel, lower limit exceeded - Alarm display.

If a safe monitoring was active, STOP B was also triggered automatically. In this case, a power OFF/ON of the control will be required.

Check whether the safe actual values in both monitoring channels are the same.

For further diagnostics, the drive machine data 1391, 1392 and the servo trace signals "Result list 2, NCK" and "Result list 2, drive" can be used.

Clear alarm with the RESET key. Restart part program


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