Program Continuation:

Checksum error NCK-SPL, %1, %2, %3

%1 = Extension indicating the type of error %2 = Extension indicating the reference variable %3 = Extension indicating the actual variable

A checksum error has occurred in the NCK SPL. The file /_N_CST_DIR/_N_SAFE_SPF was subsequently modified. The safe programmable logic (SPL) in the NCK may be corrupted. Parameter %1 indicates the type of modification:

%1 = FILE_LENGTH: the file length has changed.

%1 = FILE_CONTENT: the file contents have changed.

%2 specifies the reference variable (file length, checksum of file contents), %3 specifies the actual variable which is calculated cyclically.

- Alarm display.

Check the file and the time of the last modification to the file. Reload the original file and start the monitoring system again with a Power On.

Switch control OFF - ON.


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