Program Continuation:

Error in data cross check NCK-PLC, stop of %1

%1 = Extension indicating the monitoring channel that triggered the stop The monitoring channel specified in %1 (NCK or PLC) has triggered a stop D or E (depending on the parameterization in MD $MN_SAFE_SPL_STOP_MODE). The alarm 27090 provides further information about the cause for the stop D/E.

- Alarm display.

Trigger a STOP D/E (settable via MD $MN_SPL_STOP_MODE) on all axes with safety functionality, as soon as the SPL start-up phase (MD $MN_PREVENT_SYNACT_LOCK[0,1] unequal to 0) is completed.

Evaluate the alarm parameters of alarm 27090 and amend the SPL, or check the I/O modules/wiring or the internal SPL interfaces to the safety monitoring channels in the NCK and drive 611D.

Clear alarm with the RESET key. Restart part program


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