Error in data cross check NCK-PLC, %1[%2], NCK: %3; %4<ALSI>

%1 = Name of system variable in which the error was detected %2 = System variable array index extension %3 = NCK comparison value extension %4 = Cross-check array index extension

Differences in the compared data have occured in a cyclic data cross check between NCK and PLC. Parameter %1 specifies the erroneous system variable ($A_INSI, $A_OUTSI, $A_INSE, $A_OUTSE or$A_MARKERSI) with error index %2.

Special cases:

Alarm "Error in NCK-PLC data cross check, $MN_PREVENT_SYNACT_LOCK[0], ..." means that the SPL startup status has been set differently in the NCK and PLC.

Alarm "Error in NCK-PLC data cross check, $MN_SPL_STOP_MODE[0], ..." means that the SPL stop reaction (Stop D or E) has been set differently in the NCK and PLC.

Alarm "Error in NCK-PLC data cross check, TIMEOUT[0], NCK: 0" means that the communication between NCK and PLC is generally disturbed and that a data cross check can no longer be performed.

With data cross-check errors on system variables $A_INSE, the hardware assignment parameterized in MD $MN_SAFE_IN_HW_ASSIGN[0...7] is displayed in addition to the affected system variables in alarm parameter %1, so that the affected hardware connection is shown directly by the specifications in the alarm line.

Example: Error in NCK-PLC data cross-check, DMP 04.03 Bit 01=$A_INSE[2], NCK: 1; The specifications in the example (04.03) correspond to the entries made in the machine data $MN_SAFE_IN_HW_ASSIGN[0...7] for the mentioned system variable.

They specify:

DMP 04.xx The drive number of the affected terminal block (value range = 01...21).

DMP xx.03 Module number of the input module (value range = 01...08).

The indicated numbers are represented as hexadecimal numbers, same as in MD $MN_SAFE_IN_HW_ASSIGN[0...7].

Same as with the numbering of the inputs on the DMP modules, the bit numbers begin with value 0 (value range = 00...15).

When assigning the SPL inputs to the NC onboard inputs, the extended alarm text is as follows:

Error in NCK-PLC data cross-check, NC-Onboard-In 01=$A:INSE[1], NCK: 1; 2.

With parameter %4 a specific alarm message can be configured on HMI for all listed system variables:

%4 = 0: Error SPL startup status ($MN_PREVENT_SYNACT_LOCK[0,1] -DB18.DBX36.0) or different stop reaction ($MN_SAFE_SPL_STOP_MODE -DB18.DBX36.1).

%4 = 1.... 64: Error in system variable $A_INSE[1...64]

%4 = 65...128: Error in system variable $A_OUTSE[1...64]

%4 = 129...192: Error in system variable $A_INSI[1...64]

%4 = 193...256: Error in system variable $A_OUTSI[1...64]

%4 = 257...320: Error in system variable $A_MARKERSI[1...64]

In order to parameterize alarm 27090, file ALSI_xx.com must be incorporated in data handling and announced in HMI via MBDDE.INI in section[IndexTextFiles] ALSI=f:\dh\mb.dir\alsi .

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