Axis %1 parameterization of MD %2[%3] invalid

%1 = Axis number %2 = MD identifier %3 = Machine data index

The parameterization of machine data %2 is incorrect. An additional indication is the array index of the machine data. If the machine data is a single machine date, a zero is specified as array index. This alarm occurs in the following contexts:

1.    Conversion of the specified MD into the internal calculation format will cause an overflow.

2.    The values entered in MD $MA_SAFE_POS_LIMIT_PLUS and $MA_SAFE_POS_LIMIT_MINUS have been interchanged. The upper limit is less than or equal to the lower limit.

3.    For an axis with safety functions, the setpoint/actual channel assignment in MD $MA_SAFE_ENC_SEGMENT_NR, MD $MA_CTRLOUT_SEGMENT_NR was not made on the drive bus. No module number was stated for a setpoint/actual value assignment in MD $MA_CTRLOUT_MODULE_NR, MD $MA_SAFE_ENC_MODULE_NR.

4.    The number of drives has changed. On reading back the standstill position and the associated drive number, a difference has been found to the current drive configuration.

5.    A safety function has been enabled in MD $MA_SAFE_FUNCTION_ENABLE without the safety functions SBH/SG having been enabled.

6.    Error on parameterizing the input/output settings for the SGEs/SGAs.

7.    A zero has been entered in MD $MA_SAFE_ENC_GRID_POINT_DIST.

8.    A zero has been entered in MD $MA_SAFE_ENC_RESOL .

9.    In MD $MA_IS_ROT_AX and MD $MA_SAFE_IS_ROT_AX , different settings have been made.

10.    A non-existing measuring circuit has been parameterized in MD $MA_SAFE_ENC_INPUT_NR.

11.    In MD $MA_SAFE_ENC_MODULE_NR, the number of a drive has been entered that either does not exist or has been detected as inactive. With an inactive drive, MD $MA_SAFE_ENC_TYPE was not reset to 0.

12.    In MD $MA_SAFE_ENC_TYPE, an encoder type has been parameterized not matching the physically present type.

13.    In MD $MA_SAFE_ENC_TYPE, an incorrect encoder type has been entered for an active drive ($MA_SAFE_ENC_TYPE = 0, 2, 3 or 5).

14.    When setting the parameters for the motor encoder in MD $MA_SAFE_ENC_INPUT_NR, the measuring circuit for the 2nd measuring system is also used to ensure double-redundancy. The 2nd measuring circuit of this drive module has also been parameterized in the data of another axis, therefore there is a dual assignment. The 2nd measuring circuit connection cannot be used for the actual value acquisition in this parameterization.

15.    In MD $MA_SAFE_POS_TOL a value greater than 10mm was entered for a linear axis.

16.    In MD $MA_SAFE_REFP_POS_TOL, a value greater than 1mm was entered for a linear axis.

17.    The limit values for the "n<n_x" monitoring, calculated from MD $MA_SAFE_VELO_X and MD $MA_SAFE_POS_TOL, are of equal size.

18.    One of the activated cam positions is outside the actual value modulo range.

19.    The parameterized cam modulo range MD $MA_SAFE_MODULO_RANGE is not a multiple integer of 360 degrees.

20.    The parameterized cam modulo range MD $MA_SAFE_MODULO_RANGE and the modulo range in MD $MA_MODULO_RANGE cannot be divided as integers into one another.

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