Program Continuation:

Axis %1 is not safely referenced

%1 = Axis number

There are two reasons for this alarm:

the machine position has not yet been acknowledged by the user,

the machine position has not yet been verified through follow-up referencing.

Even if the axis is already referenced, there is no confirmation that referencing has supplied the correct result. For example, wrong results can occur if the axis was moved after the control was switched off, with the result that the standstill position saved prior to switching off is no longer correct. To make sure that this does not happen, the user must acknowledge the displayed actual position after the first referencing process.

When the user enable has first been set, follow-up referencing must be carried out each time the control is booted (with absolute encoders, this follow-up referencing is executed automatically). This procedure is carried out to verify the standstill position saved prior to switching off of the control.

Via the MD $MN_SAFE_ALARM_SUPPRESS_LEVEL (MD>=3), the alarm display can be set in such a way that the group alarm 27100 is displayed for all SI axes.

- Alarm display.

SGA "Axis safely referenced" is not set. SE will be switched off, if the actual safety position has not yet been confirmed by a user agreement. If the user agreement has been set, SE will remain active. The safe cams are calculated and output. However, their significance is limited as referencing has not been confirmed.

T raverse the axis to a known position, change to operating mode "Referencing" and press softkey "Agreement". Check the positions displayed in the agreement screen on the machine. If they match the expected or known position, confirm this by using the toggle key. If the user agreement has already been set, reference the axis again.

The user agreement can be changed only via keyswitch position 3 or after password entry.


If the axis is not referenced safely and the user agreement is not available, the following will apply:

the safe cams are not yet safe

the safe end positions are not yet active.

Alarm display showing cause of alarm disappears. No further operator action necessary.


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