TO unit %1 tool %2 duplo no. %3 is active, but not in the magazine area under consideration


%1 = TO unit

%2 = Tool identifier


%3 = Duplonummer

The alarm can only occur when the tool management function is active in the NCK. Either the language command SETTA has been programmed or the corresponding operator action has been carried out via MMC, PLC, .... The alarm can also be triggered automatically by the NCK in the wear grouping function. It is detected that more than one tool from the tool group (tools with the same name/identifier) has the status "active".

The specified tool is either from a non-considered magazine, from a non-considered wear grouping, or from a non-active wear grouping

in a buffer location (is neither magazine nor wear grouping).


-    Interface signals are set.

-    Alarm display.


The alarm is intended for information purposes. If only one tool in a group can be active at a time for technological reasons or for reasons of display, the "active" status must be canceled for the tool causing the error.

Otherwise, the alarm can be ignored or even suppressed via the machine data SUPPRESS_ALARM_MASK.

Typical reasons of display are present, if the operator works with the function 'definite D numbers', which can be displayed on Siemens MMC in a definite form only, if exactly one tool from a tool group has the status 'active'.

Before machining can be started or before the SETTA (or corresponding MMC operation, ...) language command is used, all tools of the magazine should have the status "not active".

Program Continuation:

One option to achieve this is programming SETTIA (or corresponding MMC operation, ...). Clear alarm with the Delete key or NC START.

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