Program Continuation:

Channel %1 axis %2 hardware limit switch %3

%1 = Channel number

%2 = Axis name, spindle number

%3 = String (+, - or +/-)

The VDI signal "Hardware limit switch" (DB 31 - 48, DBX 12.0 or DBX 12.1) has been set at the NC/PLC interface.

-    NC Start disable in this channel.

-    Alarm display.

Please inform the authorized personnel/service department.

1.    With axes that have already been referenced, the software limit switch 1 or 2 should respond before the hardware limit switch is reached. Check MD 36110 POS_LIMIT_PLUS, 36100 POS_LIMIT_MINUS, 36130 POS_LIMIT_PLUS2 and 36120 POS_LIMIT_MINUS2 and the interface signal for selection of 1st/2nd software limit switch (DB 31 - 48, DBX 12.2 and 12.3) and correct if necessary (PLC user program).

2.    If the axis has not yet been moved to the reference point, it is possible to depart from the hardware limit switch in the opposite direction in JOG mode.

3.    Check PLC user program and the connection from the switch to the PLC input module, provided the axis has not yet reached the hardware limit switch at all.

Clear alarm with the RESET key. Restart part program

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