Channel %1 axis %2 already active


%1 = Channel number


%2 = Axis name, spindle number

The axis is to traverse as machine axis in JOG mode via the jog keys on the machine control panel. However, this is not possible because:

1.    It is already traversing as geometry axis (through the channel-specific interface DB 21 -28, DBX 12.6, DBX 12.7, DBX 16.6, DBX 16.7 or DBX 20.6 and DBX 20.7) or

2.    it is already traversing as machine axis (through the axis-specific interface DB 31 - 48, DBX 4.6 and DBX 4.7) or

3.    a frame is valid for a rotated coordinate system and another geometry axis involved in this is already traversing in JOG mode by means of the direction keys.



Program Continuation:

- Alarm display.

Stop traversing through the channel or axis interface or stop the other geometry axis. Clear alarm with the Delete key or NC START.

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