Program Continuation:

Channel %1 action %2<ALNX> rejected because no program event has been executed yet

%1 = Channel ID

%2 = Action number/action name

The setting of the machine data $MC_PROG_EVENT_MASK forces an asynchronous subprogram to be triggered automatically on RESET or PowerOn. The implicitly triggered asynchronous subprograms are normally called "Event-triggered program call" or "Program event".

In the alarm situation, this asynchronous subprogram could not yet be activated; that is why the action (normally start of part program) must be rejected.

Reasons for the fact that the asynchronous subprogram could not be triggered:

1.    The asynchronous subprogram does not exist (/_N_CMA_DIR/ _N_PROG_EVENT_SPF)

2.    The asynchronous subprogram is allowed to start in the referenced state only (see $MN_ASUP_START_MASK)

3.    READY is missing (because of alarm)

- Alarm display.

Load program

Check $MN_ASUP_START_MASK Acknowledge alarm

Clear alarm with the Delete key or NC START.


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