Program Continuation:

Channel %1 block %2 illegal type conversion

%1 = Channel number %2 = Block number, label

During the program run, a variable value assignment or an arithmetic operation has caused data to be processed in such a way that they have to be converted to another type. This would lead to the value range being exceeded.

Value ranges of the various variable types:

REAL: Property: Fractional number with dec. pt., value range: +/-(2-1022-2+1023)

INT: Property: Integers with signs, value range: +/-(231-1)

BOOL: Property: Truth value TRUE, FALSE, value range: 0,1 CHAR: Property: 1 ASCII character, value range: 0-255 STRING: Property: Character string (max. 100 values), value range: 0-255 AXIS: Property: Axis addresses, value range: Axis names only FRAME: Property: Geometric information, value range: As for axis paths Overview of type conversions:

from REAL to: REAL: yes, INT: yes*, BOOL: yes1), CHAR: yes*, STRING: -, AXIS: -, FRAME: -

from INT to: REAL: yes, INT: yes, BOOL: yes1), CHAR: if value 0 ...255, STRING: -, AXIS: -, FRAME: -

from BOOL to: REAL: yes, INT: yes, BOOL: yes, CHAR: yes, STRING: -, AXIS: -, FRAME: -

from CHAR to: REAL: yes, INT: yes, BOOL: yes1), CHAR: yes, STRING: yes, AXIS: -, FRAME: -

from STRING to: REAL: -, INT: -, BOOL: yes2), CHAR: only if 1 character, STRING: yes, AXIS: -, FRAME: -

from AXIS to: REAL: -, INT: -, BOOL: -, CHAR: -, STRING: -, AXIS: yes, FRAME: -from FRAME to: REAL: -, INT: -, BOOL: -, CHAR: -, STRING: -, AXIS: -, FRAME: yes

1)    Value <> 0 corresponds to TRUE, value ==0 corresponds to FALSE.

2)    String length 0 => FALSE, otherwise TRUE.

3)    If only one character.

It is not possible to convert from type AXIS and FRAME nor into type AXIS and FRAME.

-    Correction block is reorganized.

-    Interface signals are set.

-    Alarm display.

Modify the program section such that the value range is not exceeded, e.g. by a modified variable definition.

Clear alarm with NC START or RESET key and continue the program.


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