Program Continuation:

Channel %1 block %2 multiplicity of node is greater than its order

%1 = Channel number %2 = Block number, label

In the B spline the distance between nodes PL (node = point on spline at which 2 polynomials meet) has been programmed with zero too often in succession (i.e. the "multiplicity" of a node is too great).

In the quadratic B spline the node distance may not be specified more than twice with zero in succession, and in the cubic B spline not more than three times.

-    Correction block is reorganized.

-    Local alarm reaction.

-    Interface signals are set.

-    Alarm display.

Program the node distance PL = 0 in succession no more than the degree of the B spline used.

Clear alarm with NC START or RESET key and continue the program.


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