Channel %1 block %2 master spindle not defined


%1 = Channel number

%2 = Block number, label


The function "Revolutional feedrate" (with G95 or G96), or "Rigid tapping" (with G331/ G332) has been programmed, although no master spindle is defined from which the speed could be derived. For the definition the MD 20090 SPIND_DEF_MASTER_SPIND is available for the default or the keyword SETMS in the part program, thus allowing each spindle of the channel to be redefined as master spindle.


-    Correction block is reorganized.

-    Local alarm reaction.


-    Interface signals are set.

-    Alarm display.

Preset the master spindle with MD 20090 SPIND_DEF_MASTER_SPIND[n]=m (n ... channel index, m ... spindel no.) or define it with an identifier in an NC part program before a G function that requires a master spindle is programmed.

The machine axis that is to be operated as a spindle must be equipped in MD 35000 SPIND ASSIGN TO MACHAX[n]=m (n ... machine axis index, m ... spindle no.) with a spindle number. Additionally, the MD 20070 AXCONF_MACHAX_USED[n]=m (n ... channel axis index, m ... machine axis index) must be used to assign it to a channel (channel axis index 1 or 2).

Program Continuation:

Clear alarm with NC START or RESET key and continue the program.

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