Program Continuation:

Instead of %1 KB the system has only %2 KB of free user memory of type '%3'

%1 = Free memory capacity in KB defined for the control model

%2 = Actual maximum capacity of free memory in KB

%3 = Type of memory, "D" =non-battery-backed, "S" =battery-backed

The alarm can only occur after a 'cold start' (=NCK start-up with standard machine data).

The alarm is only a notice. There is no interference with any NCK functions. It shows that

the NCK has less free user memory available than specified by Siemens for this control

variant. The value of the actually available free user memory can also be taken from the


Siemens supplies NCK with default settings that, depending on the model, have certain

(free) memory space available for the specific settings of the actual applications. The

original factory setting of NCK systems is thus that the alarm does not occur with a cold


- Alarm display.

Reasons for the message:

The NCK contains compile cycle software, that uses so much memory space that the hardware cannot provide the required memory.

The NCK runs on hardware that is not intended for this NCK release (i.e. that has not enough memory capacity).

If the application runs properly with the remaining free user memory (i.e. can be started up without any errors), the message can simply be ignored.

If the actual application cannot be configured because there is not enough memory capacity available, either the existing compile cycle must be reduced or, if possible, the system must be upgraded with additional memory space.

Clear alarm with the RESET key. Restart part program

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