Setting up a Shared Network Folder on a Siemens 840D with PCU50 and Windows XP

In order to transmit folders/ARC-files from a Siemens 840D to a shared network folder (eg. monitored by DNC-Max, Siemens 840 WPD Folder), you have to set up a HMI softkey to point to this shared folder.

Notice: Do not just share the Workpiece folder on the controller to copy folder/files directly in here. The HMI does not recognize the type of folder/files and these will not be displayed correctly on HMI.

This is possible, when the controller has a built-in network setup softkey for a “logical drives” setting on HMI.

Notice: On older machines (typically below software version 7, but it may vary depending on machine manufacturer) there may be no such softkey and you cannot set up the steps below.

Below the individual steps for the configuration (may vary depending on the machine and HMI software version).

1.Set up Network address (= access to windows XP PC)

Boot controller: when software version is displayed in the lower right corner, push button 3.
You will now be able to choose to start into windows XP (often called “desktop”… or similar).
Do your settings on the network connection in the same way as on the PC.
Notice: If the machine has 2 network cards built in, use “Company network” (or similar).

NEVER change ‘System network’!

2. Set up softkey for shared path

First you need to log on as service (PWD = SUNRISE)

1. Menu select (picture from Siemens 840 with Linux, but similar to the one with XP)

2. Inbetriebnahme (Services) (picture from Siemens 840 with Linux, but similar to the one with XP)

3. HMI (picture from Siemens 840 with Linux, but similar to the one with XP. Some controls have no HMI softkey)

4. Log Laufw. (Logical drive), (picture from Siemens 840 with Linux, but similar to the one with XP – here typically a horizontal softkey).

In top of the “Laufwerke einrichten” (“logical drive”) setting dialog there should be displayed settings for USB connect – do not change that!

Specify Softkey for shared path as shown below:

Pfad= Path, the path for the shared folder on the server or pc.

Notice: The Settings below the ‘Softkey-Icon’ are USER and Password and should reflect the user right settings for the shared path.

Notice: The above settings will show a softkey CIMCO on the HMI display.

To transmit the folder/files simply copy/paste (input) the workpiece folder to/from the workpiece dir./ shared path.

NOTICE: All settings on the Controller are done at your own risk! If you are not familiar with the network / machine, ask the customer’s IT department / operator for help.