PLC programming cables for several brands


Most PLC’s can be programmed from a PC via a serial cable. Unfortunately, many of these cables have a non standard layout. The cables shown here can be bought from the regular sales channels, but it is often much cheaper to solder them yourself.

Siemens PLC’s

Most programming of Siemens S5 PLC’s is done using a special RS232 to TTY converter. The S7 series are programmed using a RS232 to MPI bus converter. The easiest thing to do is buy these special cables from your local Siemens supplier. The operator terminals however can be programmed using a normal serial cable. The following cable can be used to program the OP series of operator displays.Programming cable for OPxx display series

Programming cable for OPxx display series

Idec / Izumi PLC’s

Idec / Izumi PLC series FA2, FA2J and FA3J all require a special communication adapter for programming. This communication link adapter (CLA) is a small box that converts the RS232 electrical signals into a compatible level for the PLC. The cable to connect the PC to a CLA uses a DB25 connector at the PLC side. The layout for a cable with a DB9 connector at the PC side is shown here.DB9 Programming cable for Idec / Izumi FA PLC series

DB9 Programming cable for Idec / Izumu FA PLC series

Z-World micro-controllers

Z-World is an American company specialized in developing micro-controller boards based on the Z180 and Rabbit series micro-controllers. Where PLCs are often used in single piece environments, micro-controllers are mainly present in the OEM world where multiple controllers are needed.

The main difference in programming a PLC is that most micro-controllers, including those from Z-World, are programmed in C. The Z-World programming package runs on a normal PC and the connection with the controller is made using a serial cable. This cable needs a DB9 connector at one and, and a RJ14 plug at the other. The pin out of a programming cable is shown here.DB9 Programming cable for Z-World PK microcontroller series

DB9 Programming cable for Z-World PK microcontroller series