Measure System Error Compensation

To set the compensation, the following parameters should be configured:

  1. Parameter 38000 $MA_MM_ENC_COMP_MAX_POINTS – set the number of points for compensation.
  2. Parameter 32700 ENC_COMP_ENABLE – set to 1 to activate compensation, or 0 to deactivate compensation.

Please note that after an NCK reset or changing parameter 38000, the memory may be reorganized and data may be lost. Therefore, before resetting the NCK, it’s important to override parameter 38000 and create an archive of the Serial UDP-NC, including compensation data, which should then be reloaded.

Once this is done, go to the NC directory and select NC active data -> Measure system error compensation, and create a compensation file (EEC file). You can then edit the file and create an archive (output data, archive, name the file, format-punched tape).

The EEC compensation file looks like the following:

for X axis                                                          position x


$AA _enc_comp [0.0, x] = 0                       0

$AA _enc_comp [0.1, X] = 0.01                 100 mm

$AA _enc_comp [0.2, x] = 0.015               200 mm

$AA _enc_comp [0.3, X] = 0.013              300 mm

$AA _enc_comp [0.4, x] = 0.014              400 mm

$AA _enc_comp [0.5, x] = 0.03                500 mm

$AA _enc_comp [0.6, x] = 0.005             600 mm

$AA _enc_comp [0.7, X] = 0.002             700 mm

$AA _enc_comp_step [0, x] = 100   -distance points in mm

$AA _enc_comp_min [0 , X] = 0       -start of compensation (ref.  position X axis minimum)

$AA _enc_comp_max [0, x] = 700      -end compensation (ref. position X axis maximum)

$AA _enc_comp_is_modulo [0, x] = 0     -switch on the module for rotational axes (E.G. rotary table)


value = …. is the compensation value e.g. 0.01 system shifts measuring by 0.01 mm ,

After editing the  table ,upload back(data input, archive, select file, upload)

When loaded the parameter 32700 ENC_COMP_ENABLE (activation Compensation) must be in 0!!!!!

Set the parameter 32700 to 1 and the compensation should Work.

When changing the $AA _enc_comp_step, $AA _enc_comp_min, $AA _enc_comp_max need to give the NCK reset!!!!

Always make a backup of your data before you start your Work. Archive for serial start up!!!!

Setting on your own responsibility, we recommend that you have a professional service company.