List of G codes ISO iTNC530

G codes
Tool movements
G00   Straight-line interpolation, Cartesian coordinates, rapid traverse Straight-line interpolation, Cartesian coordinates
G01     Circular interpolation, Cartesian coordinates, CWG02   Circular interpolation, Cartesian coordinates, CCW
G03     Circular interpolation, Cartesian coordinates, without indication of direction
G05     Circular interpolation, Cartesian coordinates, -tangential contour approach Paraxial positioning block
G06     Straight-line interpolation, polar coordinates, rapid traverse Straight-line interpolation, polar coordinates
G07     Circular interpolation, polar coordinates, CW
G10     Circular interpolation, polar coordinates, CCW Circular interpolation, polar coordinates, -without indication of direction
G11      Circular interpolation, polar coordinates, tangential contour -approach
Chamfer/Rounding/Approach contour/Depart contour
G24* G25* G26* G27*Chamfer with length R Corner rounding with radius R Tangential contour approach with radius R Tangential contour departure with radius R
Tool definition
G99*With tool number T, length L, radius R
Tool radius compensation
G40 G41 G42 G43 G44No tool radius compensation Tool radius compensation, left of the contour Tool radius compensation, right of the contour Paraxial compensation for G07, lengthening Paraxial compensation for G07, shortening
Blank form definition for graphics
G30 G31(G17/G18/G19) min. point (G90/G91) max. point
Cycles for drilling, tapping and thread milling
G240 G200 G201 G202 G203 G204 G205 G206 G207 G208 G209 G241Centering Drilling Reaming Boring Universal drilling Back boring Universal pecking Tapping with a floating tap holder Rigid tapping Bore milling Tapping with chip breaking Single-lip deep-hole drilling
Cycles for drilling, tapping and thread milling
G262 G263 G264 G265 G267Thread milling Thread milling/countersinking Thread drilling/milling Helical thread drilling/milling External thread milling
Cycles for milling pockets, studs and slots
G251 G252 G253 G254 G256 G257Rectangular pocket, complete Circular pocket, complete Slot, complete Circular slot, complete Rectangular stud Circular stud
Cycles for creating point patterns
G220 G221Polar pattern Linear point pattern
SL cycles, group 2
G37 G120 G121 G122 G123 G124 G125 G127 G128 G275Contour geometry, list of subcontour program numbers Contour data (applies to G121 to G124) Pilot drilling Contour-parallel rough-out Floor finishing Side finishing Contour train (machining open contour) Cylinder surface Cylindrical surface slot Trochoidal slot
Coordinate transformation
G53 G54 G28 G73 G72 G80 G247Datum shift in datum table Datum shift in program Mirror image Rotation of the coordinate system Scaling factor (reduce or enlarge contour) Tilting the working plane Datum setting
Cycles for multipass milling
G60 G230 G231Run 3-D data Multipass milling of plane surfaces Multipass milling of tilted surfaces
*) Non-modal function
Touch probe cycles for measuring workpiece misalignment
G400 G401 G402 G403 G404 G405Basic rotation using two points Basic rotation from two holes Basic rotation from two studs Compensate a basic rotation via a rotary axis Set basic rotation Compensate misalignment with the C axis
Touch probe cycles for datum setting
G408 G409 G410 G411 G412 G413 G414 G415 G416 G417 G418 G419Datum at slot center Datum at ridge center Datum inside rectangle Datum outside rectangle Datum inside circle Datum outside circle Datum outside corner Datum inside corner Datum circle center Datum in touch probe axis Datum in center of 4 holes Datum in any axis
Touch probe cycles for workpiece measurement
G55 G420 G421 G422 G423 G424 G425 G426 G427 G430 G431Measure any coordinate Measure any angle Measure hole Measure cylindrical stud Measure rectangular pocket Measure rectangular stud Measure slot Measure ridge width Measure any coordinate Measure circle center Measure any plane
Touch probe cycles for kinematic measurement
G450 G481 G482 G483Calibrate the TT Measure tool length Measure tool radius Measure tool length and tool radius
Touch probe cycles for tool measurement
G480 G481 G482 G483 G484Calibrate the TT Measure tool length Measure tool radius Measure tool length and tool radius Calibrate infrared TT
Special cycles
G04* G36 G39* G62 G440 G441Dwell time with F seconds Spindle orientation Program call Tolerance deviation for fast contour milling Measure axis shift Fast probing
Define machining plane
G17 G18 G19 G20Working plane X/Y, tool axis Z Working plane Z/X, tool axis Y Working plane Y/Z, tool axis X Tool axis IV
G90 G91Absolute dimensions Incremental dimensions
Unit of measure
G70 G71Inches (set at start of program) Millimeters (set at start of program)
Other G functions
G29 G38 G51* G79* G98*Transfer the last nominal position value as a pole (circle center) STOP program run Next tool number (with central tool file) Cycle call Set label number

*) Non-modal function