List of M functions iTNC530

M functions
M00 M01 M02Program STOP/Spindle STOP/Coolant OFF Optional program STOP STOP program run/Spindle STOP/Coolant OFF/CLEAR status display (depending on machine parameter)/Go to block 1
M03 M04 M05Spindle ON clockwise Spindle ON counterclockwise Spindle STOP
M06Tool change/STOP program run (depending on machine parameter)/Spindle STOP
M08 M09Coolant ON Coolant OFF
M13 M14Spindle ON clockwise/Coolant ON Spindle ON counterclockwise/Coolant ON
M30Same function as M02
M89Vacant miscellaneous function or cycle call, modally effective (depending on machine parameter)
M90Only in following error mode: Constant contouring speed at corners
M99Blockwise cycle call
M91 M92Within the positioning block: Coordinates are referenced to machine datum Within the positioning block: Coordinates are referenced to position defined by machine tool builder, such as tool change position
M94Reduce the rotary axis display to a value below 360°
M97 M98Machine small contour steps Machine open contours completely
M101 M102Automatic tool change with replacement tool if maximum tool life has expired Reset M101
M103Reduce feed rate during plunging to factor F (percentage)
M104Reactivate most recently set datum
M105 M106Machining with second kv factor Machining with first kv factor
M107 M108Suppress error message for replacement tools with oversize Reset M107
M109 M110 M111Constant contouring speed at tool cutting edge (increase and decrease feed rate) Constant contouring speed at tool cutting edge (feed rate decrease only) Reset M109/M110
M114 M115Automatic compensation of machine geometry when working with tilted axes: Reset M114
M116 M117Feed rate for rotary axes in mm/min Reset M116
M118Superimpose handwheel positioning during program run
M120Pre-calculate radius-compensated contour (LOOK AHEAD)
M124Do not include points when executing non-compensated line blocks
M126 M127Shortest-path traverse of rotary axes Reset M126
M128 M129Retain position of tool tip when positioning tilting axes (TCPM) Reset M128
M130Within the positioning block: Points are referenced to the untilted coordinate system
M134 M135Exact stop at nontangential contour transitions when positioning with rotary axes Reset M134
M136 M137Feed rate F in millimeters per spindle revolution Cancel M136
M138Selection of tilted axes
M142Delete modal program information
M143Delete basic rotation
M144 M145Compensate the machine’s kinematics configuration for ACTUAL/NOMINAL positions at end of block Reset M144
M150Suppress limit switch message
M200 M201 M202 M203 M204Laser cutting: Direct output of the programmed voltage Laser cutting: Output voltage as a function of distance Laser cutting: Output voltage as a function of speed Laser cutting: Output voltage as a function of time (ramp) Laser cutting: Output voltage as a function of time (pulse)